Sub-elements in view of other boards

I would like to know if the sub-elements will appear one day in the masks of other boards?
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Please, i need a response …

Hi @Jean :wave:

Apologies for the delay here!

Currently, our subitems are still in Beta which is why some core functionalities are still missing, including the ability to open subitems via the mirror column.

Our developers are working hard on adding and enabling upcoming features as soon as possible, but to be fully transparent they will be coming in increments as we want to ensure that each functionality is released with the best quality possible.

You can keep up with the roadmap for subitems here - however, I don’t currently see this particular update in our roadmap at present.

I can definitely appreciate how this would be a useful addition to the platform for yourself, and I’m sure for other teams too, so I would highly recommend opening a thread in our Feature Request section.
Here other users who would also like this added to the platform will be able to upvote the feature!
You can find this here: Feature feedback - monday Community


Hi @Jean!

I also was in search for a solution to see subitems of connected columns and I found a work around that allows visibility into connected subitems.

Please view a quick video (1 min) to learn more.

Lucid Day

Hey @Jean :wave:

It looks like @TonyaM has created a great workaround that you can check out! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :slight_smile:

We would also still love your feedback on the subitem capabilities to help make the product better in the future! Our product team takes user feedback very seriously. In fact, many of our features began as user requests.