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(You can always turn off the new board design and revert back to the old experience)

Hi, I did quick trial and is awesome. Our company needs to make some trials of Monday before going to anual subscription. Our boards are heavily tied with integromat. You suggest we go back to previous board since it’s in Alpha? and is it possible to have the new version in a trial board and use the traditional one in the rest of our boards?

Hi our team would like to try out the new board experience if that is still possible. We signed up using your form link above but hear anything back from the team. If this is still open to try out we would love to test and provide feedback!
Thank you

Pareil, je n’ai pas eu de retour … :frowning: could you show us the card view on this new board experience?

Has this been released to everyone yet? The email this week (and help page) seems to indicate that it has…?

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I replied and didn’t get any answer, I would love to try the new board

I logged in a few weeks ago and noticed a bit of an upgrade. When working with a colleague last week I noticed their Monday Boards were different. After a bit of investigating I found that my account had the new board experience and that I could toggle it via Monday Labs (see below). Maybe you (and @Gal5252) can check your Monday Labs to see if you have the Alpha.

Thank you - it looked like this worked!

I did notice those new lab items, but the language wasn’t completely clear, so I wasn’t sure if that’s what it was referring to.

Glad that worked! Yes, the language isn’t very clear or explanitory.

The new experience edit updates is not working. Revert back to old legacy experience. How crazy is that the edit updates are not working. Noone will switch to it.

I have been using for 4-6 weeks now and all is working well, no issue son the updates, so sounds strange. I am not working in monday just another user, in fact we told other guys in the team to switch to it as sub tasks works so much better on the new board

Just FYI

what was the reasoning to go to an all-white theme? It’s such an eye chart now where the old soft grey helped distinguish between groups. Staring at more excel-like chart’s is not going over well with the team.


I’m of the same opinion @Brynn. I was not a fan of the change recently to add all the excel-like lines. Unfortunately it has led me to turn it off and now I’m not really that happy with the old version either. :confused:


Soft grey was helpful. I also think a choice to apply “every other row” coloring would help with Main Board visibility


I am new to the “new board” experience and not quite ready to hit that feedback button for a full review but immediately I noted that I could no longer drag and drop rows and I had thought that was such a good feature added to the old board. While some of the new features are AMAZING, the inability to drag and drop rows is not worth some of those new features. It’s a 3 click-process to move something to a new group, etc. It probably seems silly that this is something I immediately noticed and have concern with - BUT when working in an excessively agile environment where there is CONSTANT change, those “3 clicks” add up super quickly

Drag abs drop works for me. So that’s ofd. We used the new board for last 2 months already.

Only think that his missing (but that was also always missing) is select several items and drag and drop them together.

Drag and drop for rows or only columns? Columns is working but the hand will no longer appear on my rows :frowning: and I am having to select the row(s)>move to OR highlight one row and at bottom select move to.

The “hand” used to be over on the right side to drag and it was one by one . . . what location are you able to grab from ? or screenshot of it ? If you have the time of course . . . No worries if you don’t