"New Experience" Board View looks too much like Excel

The newly added, thankfully optional, board view has lots of new and exciting features; however, they took away the darker coloring out from behind each group and it’s respective tasks, and now the boards are too hard to look at. It is very plain, hard to visually follow one task because the borders that separate them are too thin and light.

Personally, I like the original view better because of this, but I am disappointed I can’t access some of the new features that were a part of that update.

Here is a comparison of the old vs. new board view:


Completely agree, I hope this is never forced on users and remains optional, its enough to make me consider leaving Monday because it looks so clunky. Part of the reason Monday is great is because it LOOKS so much better than its competition, and this is a step in the wrong direction.


I love the new interface :heart_eyes:

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Yep! Visually doesn’t look better. Looks older than newer.


I have to agree. Functionally, it’s better. I love the way subitems are a more natural part of the board now. But the visual changes - especially in dark mode - are not good. It’s very hard for the eye to find and focus on what matters. And I really miss the little curved arrows that clearly indicated mirrored data.


Help! I don’t like the new interface! How do I go back to the old view?!


Hi @Yen - Click on your avatar at the bottom left, then go to monday labs and see if you have the option to disable the new board experiment. You should be able to go back to the old one (for now) that way.

It worked, thank you! This is what I disabled then it reverted back to the old version. Thanks again!

I realy dont like this experience. Thank god i can revert back. Looks realy messy and i think the one who designs it was a Excel lover. Please dont force it to users. The slick look is completly removed and this is a step back.

I fully agree to the comment of QBunsa


Monday.com have confirmed to me that this will soon be the new permanent view - so log your feedback now, as soon we won’t have a choice about this view, it will just be the default view.

I dislike:

  • how the board descriptions are now shortened to one line (instead of 3 lines being visible without needing to expand the description)
  • how when moving an item from the bottom of the board to the top, it used to scroll the page for you, as you held down the mouse and moved the item, and now it does not.
  • when groups are collapsed, it doesn’t look like neat like it used to (i.e, just the header for the group showing). Now it shows the the headers for the columns (repeated) at every group that is collapsed.
  • The scroll bar at the bottom (if scrolling right to look at columns not visible on the page - for a wide board), this doesn’t function as easily or smoothly as before.

I hate the new experience and will be very upset if it is forced on us. How can this be seen as a step forward? It looks like an early 90s ‘upgrade’ based on Excel. If I wanted to use Excel I would but one of the main draws of Monday was its tidy interface and how the colour blocks help the eye to break up information and find what you need quickly. I can’t see how they have used experienced developers in this as it clearly goes against a lot of accessibility basics.
Some of the new features are good but please please do not use this awful transparent row design with all the colour removed. And the overlapping when scrolling is awful.


I hate this view. Monday’s board view and functionality was the main reason why I left ClickUp. Now with this view, ClickUp looks like a winner and I did not like their interface. I would really cancel my membership if this is permanent.


Same here,
We use dark mode aswel and it just feels like using excel.
just same shading would be nice already :wink:

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I’ve just signed up and this new view is so hard to look at.

Please rethink the theme or give us a toggle? A step backward is design in my opinion.


Ooooof! This makes me very sad.

I sorry to say but am in the same camp: Not a fan (at all) of the new design. It feels like Excel. Nobody likes Excel and even the people that do like it do not like it for its look and feel.

I would love an update on the functionality/usability and so on but please, please, pretty please - do not force this design on your current user-base. This feels like going backwards and makes MDC seem less modern, less progressive and simply like and Excel-Extension - definitely not like a Cloud-OS.


The new board really took a lot of the visceral pleasure out of using Monday for me, but now that it’s clear Monday is not going to revert back, I’ve I found with a lot of effort, I’ve started to get my boards feeling usable in the new style. It takes a very different approach though. For example, I used to use lots of emojis to make things clearer for instance, but in the new style, since every row starts with a big space (to leave room for the subitem icon), along with all the extra cell outlines, there’s already so much noise, emojis just clutter things up.

So Monday - I’ve submitted these requests so many times, but I’ll restate the main points here again that (to me) have removed a lot of the joy of using Monday every day :grinning: :raised_hands:t4:

• The group header row is outlined just like the items, so it looks like just another item.

• The item bars no longer have a subtle shading, so they don’t feel like “solid objects” like they did in the old style. This was a major part of why Monday felt so comforting and settling to use. An item was represented by a nice solid bar with gaps for the vertical column separators. Ahhhhhh :slight_smile:

• The right side of the item now continues off the screen. Can’t it just stop at the end of the last column? This one change would be go so far to remove the spreadsheet feel. I can’t stress this one enough because it seems like the easiest change to make without having to rethink anything else about the board design and it would have a massive positive effect :raised_hands:t4:



Absolutely! @QBunsa
How could anyone think this design would make it “better”? :tired_face: From a usability standpoint it’s horrible. :sob: Thankfully it can be switched in the lab settings. And without being mean, it literally hurts my eyes looking at it for too long in the dark mode because of all the thin lines.
I think people also migrated to Monday because of the look & feel in general. Most of the users are in the creative industry, who are easily disturbed by bad usability and design mistakes.
Hopefully they find a customer centric solution to this …or reconsider the most important rule: “Don’t touch a running system. Don’t change a winning team.” :smile:


I hope it remains optional and not forced upon us.

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Hello - this option is available for me anymore.

I totally agree Bennett. The new look has totally ruined my work flow.

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