Monday newbie question, how do I turn off select all mode?

Hi, currently all my boards have the tick boxes selected across all boards and for any new boards that I create. I notice that this is not the same for the rest of my team who access the boards. Is there any way to turn this for me?

This only just happened pretty recently to the boards and i just assumed it was due to an update to Monday, however as the boards display for the rest of the team I figured I must have accidentally enabled something?

cheers for any help

if i understand you want to come back at the old display ?

You may not have noticed but are trialing what you can see as a new board view layout. I personally quite like it but I can see it being disorientating for users who’ve been on for a while.

To assist with the transition, a blue banner has started to appear at the top of the page, allowing people to try the new view out before it rolls out fully. While you may prefer the old view, I would suggest doing this sooner rather than later to give you and your time more time to get used to it. The changes aren’t massive, boards are a bit more square, subitems are done with an arrow to the left of the item instead of a column, and as you’ve notice, the checkbox’s are always visible.

To enable or disable it, you can use the Monday.labs button in your profile menu, bottom right corner. The option you want is named “Open board experience experiment”.

amazing thank you, I prefer the old layout but being able to activate/deactivate is great