New dashboard feature: Easy widget setup by choosing columns from boards all at once

Hi everyone! I’m Shai, the product manager responsible for dashboards at monday, and I’d love to get your feedback on a feature we’re working on.

The feature

Problem we aim to solve: When you have many boards connected to a dashboard, setting up widgets take forever bc you have to choose a column from each board :face_with_head_bandage:
widget_choose_cols_100X (1)

Solution: Select columns from connected boards all at once!

Here’s a short video showing how it works

Usage instructions

To enable the feature, turn on “Dashboard columns matching” in monday.labs

And please leave us your feedback by filling out the form in the widget settings (shown with red arrow)

Important! If you set up a widget using this feature, other users will also have to enable the feature in order to use it



This is game-changing!

Now we just need to be able to filter all boards at once too! The table view for the items left over is a bit rough looking when you have 50 boards


Seconded - a faster way of filtering would be a game changer

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In order to use the widget I set up? Like, the widget won’t load at all for users without that Monday Labs feature enabled? Or they just can’t edit the widget’s configuration? Please clarify.

Regardless, I hope affected users get a helpful error message instructing them to enable the feature in Monday labs.

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