Change Monday Board View to OLD forever?

How can i change the board view to the old version, new one is terrible and has no option to disable, please help.

Also needing help with this! One of our logins now has the “subitems” showing up on top of the item name instead of as its own column like it used to! This is a nuisance. Not only does it cover part of the item name unless we significantly expand the column (which means other things aren’t visible), but it moves when you go to click on it, because the “item window” icon appears and shifts its position, meaning we’re wasting heaps of time just trying to get the subitems area open and visible, which we use constantly. And there’s no way to add it as its own column!
This is a game changer for us, and not in a good way :frowning:

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I agree!
The new board view is absolutely terrible. Our entire team hates it. It is difficult to read and hard on the eyes.
Please let us change it back!

There are some aspects of the new board that are helpful, like the subitems being at the front of the task BUT the grid/Excel sheet look is AWFUL. As another user said, it’s so much more confusing and harder on the eyes. Plus in this new grid look, if you don’t use column summaries, then you have an extra row of empty grid squares that we can’t turn off (I asked already), making the look even busier and harder to read.