Bring back Subitem column deletion

A few days ago, we added a subitems column to see if it would work with the board. In the end, it wasn’t a necessary feature and we chose to delete it, however the delete button was greyed out. I’ve since read another thread which explained that are not allowing you to delete sub-item columns now? Why??? I understand it can be moved out of the way, or even collapsed, but we want it removed from the board entirely, it is now an unnecessary column cluttering the board?

Monday developers, please bring back the ability to delete subitem columns!!! To make them mandatory in a program which is literally built around customization seems like an absolute brain fart, why on earth would you do this?

hi @laurieley98

Welcome to the community. This is a kind of temporary state. The new board layout (still in Beta) does not have a subitems column at all, in fact the complete subitems column is not available anymore. This is because subitems are now an integral part of the board (just like updates etc) and it looks really nice. On the item level there is a little dropdown arrow to open / create subitems and a nice counter that shows the number of subitems.

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Hi @basdebruin

This looks really nice. Do you have a timeline for when the new board layout will be available for everyone? I thought it might be available at monday.labs, but couldn’t find it.

hi @Sjurd

No idea to be honest. You might want to contact support and ask to participate in the Beta.

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