Delete subitem column

I created by mistake a column of subelements, I would like to know how to eliminate it, I have tried to use the options, but the option to eliminate it is disabled. Do you know what can be done in this case?

Hi @JorgeGarcia :wave:

At this time, it’s no longer possible to delete the subitems column from a board after it has been added. This limitation was put in place after several users experienced issues when deleting this column. While I know it may seem like a constraint, the change was implemented with the aim to eliminate any bad user experience, as we work to come up with additional solutions.

Moving forward, if you do not wish to have the subitem column:

  • You can collapse it :blush:


  • Or Hide it

If you would like to use a different subitem column, for the time being, you will not able able to do so.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:



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Thanks for the help, it helped me to hide it.

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