Please Add Feature To Delete Subitem Column

Please add feature to delete subitem column

I am having the same issue. Why the subitems not be deleted???

You probably already know this, but if you delete all the subitem pulses from the board, the column will go away. However, if you have a lot of subitems, this could be cumbersome. Or, you could just create a view that doesn’t have the subitems column. I’ve done that with one of my boards because I like using and seeing my subitems, but my manager does not.

I read in ‘Pro tip’ that has removed the option to delete sub items and will be adding sub items automatically to all boards soon.
We have trialled sub items, they do not work for our staff, we all forget they are there and miss vital information. The solution to hide or move the sub items column to the end of a board is an unsatisfactory work around for problem we do not want. We use custom templates. When staff launch a new project using one of our templates, all columns automatically become visible and the order of columns often (very inconveniently) defaults to the order of creation, not the order we set up to display them (ie a column moved to last may turn up first).
PLEASE LEAVE THE OPTION TO DELETE SUB ITEMS - it is causing us much grief.