Delete subitems column

I’ve created some subitems but in the end I do need them. So I deleted all my subitems from the my board and I’m still left with the subitem column and I cannot delete it.
I searched for a while but there is no option to delete this column, it seems that the only way to do is to start a new board, which is time consuming.
Am I missing something here?



You are not missing anything.

I just did a quick video about this. Once added, the subitems column can not be deleted. The video shows some things you can do about it though. There are “rumors” that in the future ALL boards will have a subitems column.

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It’s should be able to delete, because I don’t want to rebuild may board, if I created subitems column.


Question, why do you offer this when we can’t delete it? I just added this and no warning was presented to me to let me know if I add this “YOU CANNOT DELETE IT”.

This is not ideal and definitely not customer friendly. If you want control then at least give a warning message or just get rid of it. I really don’t want this column on my board and since I can’t delete it, I need for you to fix this.

Please reach out to me, thank you.