Deleting Sub-Items column

Hi! I have created a board and am unable to delete the sub-item column. None of my items have sub-items and we will not be needing it on this board. I am not sure why the delete column option is greyed out and I cannot remove it. Please help! :slight_smile:

Hi @Ddasilva - Hmmm is it possible that you have some archived subitems that need to be unarchived first and deleted? Also check your recycle bin for any subitems you may need to permanently delete. I suspect you can’t get rid of the column yet because some subitems are still floating around somewhere. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response! Those were great tips and I tried both. There was nothing in my Archive section related that board, so I wasn’t able to unarchive and delete, and then I did clear out items in my recycle related to that board, but there were no actual sub items there either. Any thoughts on how to find other possible hidden sub-items? When I look at the board it doesn’t show that any exist, so I’m at a loss! Thanks!

Hey @Ddasilva :wave:

We have recently made a change that will no longer allow you to remove subitem columns from a board once it has been added as we are looking to eventually add them to boards automatically.

If you do not wish to see this column, you can either move it to the far right to keep it out of the way and/or collapse it:

This will help to avoid any issues users may have previously faced when accidentally deleting a subitem column, so thank you for your understanding :slight_smile:

you can keep up with the roadmap for subitems here - however, please note that while this information is shared to outline some of our plans, these plans are subject to change.

I hope that’s helpful and thank you for your feedback!


Thanks Jenna. I have collapsed the column. I would say it seems a little odd to have the Sub Item column be an automatic and un-deletable feature. Many of our boards do not utilize sub-items and it just creates an extra step for our team to have to collapse and it takes up unnecessary space. What would be more ideal in my opinion would be an “Are you sure you want to delete” option before removing any feature. I have wished for this when accidentally clicking the X remove button within a cell when trying to edit a cell and wished it had prompted me before deleting, or for an “undo” feature. I would think a confirmation step or undo would be more beneficial across the board than implementing an automatic feature that is not necessarily used across all boards. Just some general feedback! But, I appreciate your response and for now the collapse option works. Thank you!

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