Sub-element coloumn cant be deleted

Hi there,

i just started working with monday and having trouble with the column of the sub-elements.
I created a sub-element by mistake and the coloumn “sub-element” has been automatically created itself within the tableview.

now i cant delete this coloumn. Do you have any idea to delete this coloumn?

thanks in forward for the upcoming help.

best regards

Hi @Ongree

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Unfortunately once a sub-item has been created on a board you can no longer delete it.

You will need to delete the board and start from scratch without subitems.

The other option is creating a new table view and hiding the subitem column from the filtered list.

I hope this helps.

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Cleopatra Luneburg

Rather than restarting you can delete the subitem itself and collapse the column out of sight. you can also add restrictions so no one can see or edit it if needed.

How do you create a board without Subitems?