Subitem column cannot be added

I have previously added subitems to one of my boards and now twice, the subitems column has completely disappeared from my board while the column remains for my co-workers. When I try to add the column back, I get an error message. I have tried logging out, restarting my computer, etc. Last time I had this issue was immediately after installing the desktop app which I no longer use and no longer have on my Windows PC. After doing that, the column reappeared. Unfortunately I do not see this as a solution as I do not have the app on my computer or on other devices. The only way I use board is through an internet browser. Hopefully someone can find a solution for this. The column is not hidden or deleted. I just cannot add it back to the board.


Hi Randi,

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you reach out to monday support with this issue. I have found that they are generally the best resource with these types of issues.

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Thanks. I tried that last time and they had no solution for me. Guess I have to try again

Hi @RandiF :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues here! I’d love our support team to take another look, and escalate this to our bug investigation team if necessary. I’d love to get this resolved for you!

Are you able to reach out to the team at
Feel free to shoot me a private message once you’ve done that, including the email address you contacted us from, and we’ll get right on it!



Hi @RandiF :wave:

Just wanted to follow up here and see if you needed any more assistance?

We’d be happy to help!



Hi Dani,

Thank you for checking. I was on vacation when you sent your last message. This is a continuing issue that I experience randomly and the only solution is to have someone on admin remove me and subscribe me again to the board. It is always the same board yet I am still able to view subitems on all other boards I am subscribed to.


Randi Fechter

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Hey Randi :wave:

If the issue is still continuing for you, then I would encourage you to reach out to support again. I mention this because if the issue is ongoing, then I want to make sure a proper report is opened to investigate this properly for you! has a designated bug busting team that will be able to assist further, so to help keep the details compiled, please either respond to the thread you originally opened about the issue or mention when you write in that the issue explained in a previous ticket is continuing and we can take it from there.


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