Says Column Doesn't Exist - But it Does

I have a board that has an existing Subitems column. I wanted to add an automation that’ll create a Subitem when an item is moved to the board, but when I test it to make sure it works, the automation turns itself off and says, “The Subitems column no longer exits in this board. Add a Subitem column in order to activate this automation.”

But I can’t add a Subitems column because it tells me one already exists …
I would just delete the current subitems column and add a new one, but I have a lot of Subitems in that column that I do not want to lose.

How do I solve this paradox?

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Hi @JWomack

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I just tried testing it on my end with the following automation and it seems to work on my end.


You might want to check this with the monday support team.

Good luck!

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Cleopatra Luneburg