The "item card" should come pre-installed in table views

The Problem:
When you open an item in the table view (especially the Main Table), you can’t see the columns on your board. The default board takes you immediately to the “Updates” tab or whatever tab is marked as the “default”.

Installing the “Item View” Doesn’t Cut It
Installing the Item Card and making it the default view doesn’t quite cut it for a couple of reasons:

  1. Board templates evolve as your system evolves, meaning you’ll constantly update the item card in your templates. Older boards using the outdated templates won’t have your newer changes reflected.
  2. If you have multiple templates, you’ll have to update your item card across all templates that use it.
  3. If you use non-table views (like Kanban or My Work), the columns show up twice, once as the default on the lefthand side and a second time in the “item card” tab on the right. See screenshot.

Two Suggestions for Solutions:

  1. Make the Item Card (or some version of it) in the table view pre-installed, an “out of the box” feature that you don’t have to manually install.
  2. Merge the Item Card and Updates tabs into one tab. This has been requested in other threads, like here and here. Many other work management platforms have this layout, like Asana or Notion, with the columns at the top and comments/updates at the bottom. See Asana screenshot for example.


While reading your post, I initially thought “why not just make the item card the default view” which i do on most every board I make.

But then thinking more about it, I thought two other things ;

  1. Why doesn’t Monday have the item view as a default on boards without having to add it every time? It does seem like its a highly used feature.

  2. I have also noticed that even though the item card IS the default on my boards, when you click the item, it still puts you on the UPDATES section. Example: (10) New Board

I am not sure if that was the gist you were explaining or not, just wanted to add to it!

Thanks for the reply! Yes, your point #1 was exactly what I was getting at. I want the item card pre-installed in the table view. It’s so not intuitive to open an item in the table view and not be able to see the columns. That was the very first thing I noticed and didn’t like when I first started using Monday. Forces you to scroll endlessly to the right if the item card isn’t added.

Community, please vote for this feature and make your voices heard to the Monday developers!