Item View on Table Board

Hi all,

On my, if i click “Open Item page” in the table board view, it pops up the items (currently defaulting to emails and activities) over my table and sometimes opens up a new email but not always.

I was just with a colleague who also has and when he clicks on the same thing it pops up in a new pane on the right side of his screen and always has a new email ready to go.

I cannot for the life of me find the settings that allows that view and to make sure it always opens a new email.

any ideas?


Hey Alan! Happy to help with this!

Are you using a desktop or browser version when this happens? Do you know if perhaps you are using a different board view rather than the main board view when you’re clicking “Open item page”?

It would be super helpful to see a screenshot of this behavior so we can better understand why this might be happening!

Thank you - we’ll get this figured out together!

Hi there,

its on Browser (i did not know there was a desktop version) on main table view.

here is the screenshot of the layout and then what happens when i click open item:

and you can see below that it goes mostly full screen, but when i looking at a colleague (different company) copy, his opened up on the right side of the screen in split screen tile.