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hi @cmulligan07

Leftmost (name) column between the text and the “popup” Open gives you the handle to move rows. In case your leftmost column is not wide enough to hold the name you can grab the handle just underneath the text in the leftmost column.

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@CXS @monday-team @CSG is there a reason that you can no longer hide subitems from the live view? It appears it’s because the subitems are now built into the board, but what if we want to share a live view, but don’t want to share the subitems? This is what is preventing me from switching to the new experience because I need to have that ability and currently do in the older version.

When this changes, are we going to be forced to share our subitems or is there a solution for this that I am not aware of?


Yes, agree!!! the old board is so much more comfortable for my team to use!

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Please please please keep it as an option to choose the board experience you like the best. I’m not able to see, process and navigate the board well. Might be due to my visual processing but I need to use the original view. I switched back to the original view but please understand that people all process visuals differently. This can be not only be due top personal preference but also due to learning differences, neurodiversity, visual processing differences and ETC. Please consider keeping the view of the main board up to the individual user! This is more than what people just prefer but is actually linked to diversity and inclusion for people who learn differently than nerotypical folks. Thank you


@StaceyD1 very well said, I was hoping they would ignore the new board altogether, but having it as an option to choose, is a great idea to be inclusive to the folk who do learn better with that new set up…Kudos, I hope takes this suggestion!

First of, the board works faster and better for subitems! good job on that :+1:
However the looks are not the best, especially in dark mode. it really has a big excel feeling.
And less intuitive. Could there be some improvements on this?

Vote here:


I am wondering the same thing! We are essentially a construction company and use live links to send to clients so they can follow our progress. However we use sub-items for internal tasks and do not want clients seeing them. Would like to be able to keep filtering out sub tasks from shared link view and can only do that with the old board experience.


OMG it’s awful! Why were the subitems moved? Every time we go to try and click to expand the subitems, which we use CONSTANTLY, the damn thing MOVES and you end up clicking on the icon to open the conversation box instead!
It’s an absolute nightmare. How do we roll back?? How do we NOT be forced to use this new view in the future? If this is forced on us, I’ll be looking for a different program to us instead. This is wasting so much time and driving us mental.

And why is the damn PLUS sign in the way of adding a subitem in the app?? Make it movable or fix it. It’s a pain in the butt. Makes the mobile app semi-useless for us.

I don’t like how you navigate to subitems, it feels almost hidden. Even worst, when I click it the element moves so I need to move the mouse to close the view. Also the new board experience feels very slow and not as fast as the old board experience.

That being said I like the updated style.

While a lot of people take the effort of providing feedback and helping each other you seems to be here to use these kind of strong words and put them in capitals. I agree it is a waste of time (writing and reading your posts).

Hi @Sotiris what web browser are you using? I have been using Chrome and find the new board look to be slower for me. Also how many items do you on your boards? I generally have 100 plus.

God forbid my time and money might be valuable to me and I might be extremely frustrated by how much of it is now being wasted by a system that is not even able to perform its basic functions right and clearly hasn’t been thought through well. I have an entire team coming to me complaining about things and I am beyond feed up with the fact that the further we get into using this system, the more things we find that don’t even function correctly.
If you don’t want to read my feedback, don’t. It’s there for MONDAY, not for you.

Hi Cwedl,

I personally don’t like the web version as it is to dependent on the type of browser.
We use the app, but also on the computer. You can download it in the App Store (on Mac).
Not sure what to advise for windows.

In terms of items we also have around 50-100 items per board but we try to minimise the items as much as possible to improve performance.

I do not like this new board view. It does not seem that I have the option to revert using Monday Labs any longer. How can I revert now? Please help!


We absolutely hate the new board view. It hurts our eyes and is hard to read. We can’t find the option to revert it back. It is making Monday completely unusable for us.

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Please make this optional again! We don’t want the new board view and it is now wasting so much of our time because of the way the subitems is set up and the fact it moves constantly! After all the time and effort of getting this system set up and now paying to use it, it’s going to become a nightmare instead if these changes are forced on us.

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We would also really appreciate it if it were optional again. We cannot continue using it this way :frowning:

3 Likes can someone respond to our concerns please?? This is costing us so much wasted time and creating a lot of frustration.

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I find it hard to believe but it seems like the team at is deliberately ignoring all of our comments here, which is very strange because I am sure that a company like this and with this type of specific product clearly understands that their success depends entirely on their customer’s feedback, it’s a SaaS company at the end of the day.

But I guess this is the difference between companies that build something great and are able to maintain it and those who build something great and fail to maintain, kind of like the difference between MySpace and Facebook, or Safari and Chrome, Nokia, Samsung and Apple, the list goes on.

It’s such a shame that they are not making this optional, I used to enjoy spending hours arranging and clearing tasks on, unfortunately I don’t feel like spending much time on the platform after this, specially that somewhere in the back of head I have this thought that they are reading our comments and for some reason they just continue to force this new update down everyone’s throat.

And what’s even more strange, is that the majority of the platform is customizable! except for this part which only happens to be the most important part of the complete platform, where are the UX team at from all of this?

Tagging for reach: @monday-moderators, @monday-team, @CSG, @CXS.

PS: This is not a hate or negative post, we are just a bunch of loyal customers that grow frustrated because this new update is killing our experience within your really really cool platform.

Talal F.

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