Expand subitems as default view

Is there a way to keep subitems expanded when navigating away from a board and then returning? Seems like there should be a default setting or a view that could be saved to avoid having to re-expand every time.


YES! I just came on here to look for the answer to this question. Almost all of our boards have subitems and it is frustrating and a waste of time each time we reopen a board to have to go in and click each item to expand each group of subitems! I am hoping someone has a soluation!


Hey @nasmith and @destinygozero! Thanks for posting about this :slight_smile:

I can definitely understand how it would be helpful to leave subitems expanded and would prevent unnecessary clicks/re-expansion. I would recommend posting feature request for this here! Submit an Idea - monday Community Forum

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When is this feature being added?


Am new to Community, and want to make sure that I vote in the right place because I want this feature too! :upside_down_face:

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It is a bummer that we can not expand all subitems as a view. Is this feature being added? Or is there a workaround?

Please add this feature. I have over 100 items on a board, each with subitems, and I want to be able to scan through all subitems as tasks as an option on a board.

Yes please! Upvote! We have opening checklist for our clinic managers and need to make it as easy as possible. Using a seperate column for each task wasn’t feasible (due to the volume of tasks)

Yes please! My team1 have to generate 5-10 items a day, and team 2~4 should open each 30-50 subtaasks a day. What a loss!

This is driving me absolutely nuts as there isn’t even a clear visual indicator that your item has any subitems so I keep thinking I’ve forgotten to add sub-items and then realising I have already. Please add this!!!

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It’s been a year since this was mentioned, just set the sub tasks as expanded by default instead of the opposite!

@TWX Hi. Can you kindly advise where on Monday.com I have to go to set the sub tasks to be expanded by default?

New to the community too. Did this get added as a feature?

No, not that I’m aware of :frowning: This is a big inconvenience.

Please, add this feature. This would literally be a reason why we decide to choose another product for our team. I have too many projects I manage to have to expand the sub-items every time I log in or refresh or change anything.

@TRB-monday.com is there an update? It’s been over a year now.

Hey @TRB-monday.com , adyen really needs this to improve internal communications


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This would be a welcome addition to the sub items functionality. We also have a lot of parent items with sub items that are assigned to members of our team. The need to constantly toggle expand on all the items with each board refresh is now becoming cumbersome for our team. As others have re-iterated, the option to save a view on all sub items expanded or just saving this state by default on the board would be a great addition.


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Hi All! I just voted for this - I believe this option is absolutely vital and for many reasons! As well, I created a new suggestion that you can vote for as well if you like (URL below). If any of you know of additional posts on this topic that I can vote for please let me know. I’d spend a whole day voting for each one of them!

Hi @TRB-monday.com, do we have any movement on this yet or insight if it’s being considered or not? We really need the ability to set the view to be toggled by default.