Expand subitems as default view

Is there a way to keep subitems expanded when navigating away from a board and then returning? Seems like there should be a default setting or a view that could be saved to avoid having to re-expand every time.


YES! I just came on here to look for the answer to this question. Almost all of our boards have subitems and it is frustrating and a waste of time each time we reopen a board to have to go in and click each item to expand each group of subitems! I am hoping someone has a soluation!


Hey @nasmith and @destinygozero! Thanks for posting about this :slight_smile:

I can definitely understand how it would be helpful to leave subitems expanded and would prevent unnecessary clicks/re-expansion. I would recommend posting feature request for this here! Feature requests/feedback - monday Community

When is this feature being added?

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Am new to Community, and want to make sure that I vote in the right place because I want this feature too! :upside_down_face:

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It is a bummer that we can not expand all subitems as a view. Is this feature being added? Or is there a workaround?

Please add this feature. I have over 100 items on a board, each with subitems, and I want to be able to scan through all subitems as tasks as an option on a board.

Yes please! Upvote! We have opening checklist for our clinic managers and need to make it as easy as possible. Using a seperate column for each task wasn’t feasible (due to the volume of tasks)

Yes please! My team1 have to generate 5-10 items a day, and team 2~4 should open each 30-50 subtaasks a day. What a loss!