Viewing Parent Item of a Subitem on My Work

In My Work, subitems show up with details of the board they’re on (Subitems of [board name]) and what group they are a part of. Depending on how you have your board set up, the group can be useless sometimes. Can we please see the Parent Item of the Subitem on My Work?

This is a must. I don’t know how this has so little votes.

I have an automation that creates several subitems, so there are many subitems with the same name and whenever we see those subitems in “My work” we can not diferenciate one from another.

I also tried to change the name of the subitem within the automation but there is no way to dinamicaly change the name depending on the parent.

I have this same issue. I’m also perplexed that more don’t have the issue. I have automations creating workflows when triggered, all named the same thing and only differentiated by their parent item. When trying to set dependencies, there is literally no way to know which subitem belongs to which parent item. Even if I expand each one, they only show the group and not the parent item. Please, please update – seems like it would be such an easy fix.

I just noticed this items is duplicated here and has 13 votes. So total 20 to date:

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I agree with this request for the reasons stated. My work listing is of no use without links to parent items

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There is another request opened with the same suggestion, it is a year old.
I don’t understand why it is taking so long to fix such a basic and obvious issue.