My Work view: When listing subitems, show parent item name next to them

Currently My Work view shows the list of tasks, where items and subitems appear as equal. The problem is, that if subitem name does not contain information from its parent item, it is hard to tell where the subitem is related.


Board: Videos
Item: 3 ways to get started with L&D
Subitem: cover image

In the My Work view, the subitem is listed as “cover image” and the user needs to navigate all the way to the video board and then locate the correct parent item for the “Cover image” to find out what the subitem is actually about.

Now, if we want to be able to tell the difference in the my work view, we need to name the subitems this way: “3 ways to get started with L&D: cover image”. That may work in the my work view, but it is not the best looking solution for the boards, where subitems are viewed below their parent items.

In my work view, there should the possibility to add the parent item name as a column, so that there would not be a need to mention the parent item name in naming the subitems.