Sub-Items in My Work


Is there a way you guys can add the sub-items in “My Work”? Right now, everytime we check the My Work, we only see the main task, and not the sub-tasks that are assigned to us. Nothing happens when we click on the sub-item tree.

Similarly, when you click on the task that is assigned, I feel like the card that shows up should include the Parent item if it is a subtask. Right now it shows the board, the group and then the sub-item name but usually I have to go search for it in the Main Table because I’m not sure which Parent Item it is referring to. I know that I can click on the tree icon to see it, but find myself clicking INTO the task to see the full card, and from this view can’t see the parent.

I agree with @maplerootsvirtual. When you click on a subitem task in My Work, it should show that it actually is a subitem as well as parent item info. At least it should be possible to edit the item card view on the subitem to show parent iten info. I’ve heard that is working on implementing Updates in item card view, so a great solution would be to show both updates and info on both parent and subitem simultaneously.