How to get subitems to show up in "my tasks" (properly)

We are trying to set up our Monday environment to facilitate both a general overview and detailed assignment of tasks. We have found that subitems do not appear with all required details in the “My Work” page. This creates a bit of a hassle, as many projects have similar steps that need to be taken. Say that we are a company that builds sheds. Each shed requires that wood is collected, components are hammered together and that a roof is installed. Currentlly, these are subitems. While they do show up in the to do list, if someone sees " buy wood", it is not clear for which shed (project) the wood is to be purchased.

The alternative approach (a single board for each shed) makes it impossible for management to maintain a full overview of what is going on.

The question is:
How do we facilitate a helicopter-view of all projects (and prospects) while also providing all needed info at the micro-level (those doing the actual work in the subs)?


Agreed, we are also facing similar concerns at our organization. The subtask names are shared across boards and its hard to tell which board the subtask is referring to.