My Work Customization: Add or hide ANY column to view & show parent Item name for Sub items

The “My Work” view has the potential to solve many of my problems as a PM, but its first iteration is extremely limited in functionality. At the very least, the ability to add any column to the view would be super appreciated.

Parent Item example: My configuration of My Work pulls items and subitems from a board called “Connect & EMS All Active Projects.” When I click to expand an item, all’s well. But when I click to expand a subitem, it does not show me its parent item name, which renders the view worthless as I have no way of knowing which parent task this subtask corresponds to.

Columns example: My configuration of My Work pulls items and subitems from a board called “EMS/Connect Production Weekly Tasks/Projects.” In this board, we use a Connected Boards column to show which project the item corresponds to. However, the My Work view will not show that column. As with the situation above, this renders the view worthless as I have no way of knowing which project task this item corresponds to.

TL;DR: Please add basic customizations to the My Work view. At the very least, I’d like to at least be able to view all columns when I click on an item. Ideally, I’d also like to be able to have any column show in the main view as well.

I agree. the new My work is great but I need to be able to see the parent item of a sub task I am assigned


This is absolutely essential.

The work around is to include some code for each parent item in every sub-item so you know from the My Week view which parent item it’s from.

There’s no reason why the parent item can’t be added to the overview screen that shows things like status, deadline, etc.


I have the same issue - the parent item is key to identifying the full task. Here are my examples:

Many items still require us to go to the Main board to know what the task is…

Looking forward to a fix!


I have the exact same issue. I desperately want to be able to use My Work but cannot for all the same reasons that were highlighted above. I wish someone would let us know if this was being worked on. Makes me feel like there is not a lot of hope for it any time soon - I do not see it on the Roadmap either.


I would add to this the flexibility to reorder the columns, or even hide some to reflect the things the particular user cares about. The current layout results in having to use the scroll bar to see status, which is extremely inconvenient.


On My Work, my team members cannot see which client the subtask applies to. They see the subtask “Design x3 styles” but it doesn’t show which parent task (client) it is for. They can see the Board and the Group, but not the parent task.


We would like to have the ability to customize “My Work” to add columns as well. It would benefit us to know not only the status of a task, but also the priority.


We too are experiencing this frustration. As a result of being limited to the 20 board Limit with the PRO license when using the Workload Widget we have structured all our projects onto 1 boards.

Structured as :

Group = Client
Item – Project Name
Subitem – Project Task

This makes the most sense as we can easily filter to see specific clients etc… using the board filters to isolate to see specific Groups/Clients etc.

That said, for the “My Work” page it is not ideal as many of our Subtask from one project to another have identical names . Ie. Final Deployment, Testing ect. This leads to our issue with the My Work view. When users are viewing and assessing their work in the My “Work Area” right now they see only the Sub-Item. And the GROUP. column. Unfortunately this gives them no context to the actual project they are working. The information is there but can only be viewed they click on the sub-item button to see the pop which identifies which parent item it is linked to.

Is there anyway to get the “Items" field into the main view without the need of clicking the sub item button? Having this column at this level would solve thousands of clicks and allow users to digest and prioritize their Work much quicker.

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Our team is set up exactly like the above poster and we would like the same functionality. Our parent item is the project, and all subitems are added using an automation so they are nearly the same — depending on the complexity of the project, it will have a different subset of phases. We found that we can click on the small ‘subitems’ icon to find out what project it belongs to, but this is tedious — and in the “New Experience” this is even more of a hassle because it’s no longer aligned in a column.

This request has a lot of votes, so I hope someone is working on it! :pray:


Same issue! It’s a pain to have to hover over each icon to see the Parent Item. I wish that could just be a column!

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Bump. Agreed. Need to see parent item of sub tasks on My Work Section. Clicking the little button that shows the parent item isn’t fast enough.


Bump again. “my work” is still a useless page. Why is it not possible to see status and priority? Basic.


Bumping this up as well because I am having the same issue and it makes 'My Work/ Virtually useless.

Adding time columns especially is important so that we can manage a daily workload easier. Also, you should be able to sort the columns like you can on regular boards. This MY WORK area could be very powerful if you had these few extra things mentioned in this post


Is this being looked at and solved for?

We are trying to switch to from Asana but we need to be able to customise MyWork and add a column for the Parent Item as we only have subtasks being assigned to people with dates. The only other solution is putting the Parent Item name into every single subtask, which is super annoying when we have subitem templates in place for multi-stage processes.

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We love the My Work feature but the customization is lacking! It has been YEARS since this was first posted, is anything going to change? It would be great if we could at least customize the My Work area to include other columns that are inherent to all items (Workspace name, Group name).


BIG agree here - any progress to report team?


Our team could benefit from being able to customize the My Work view as well. The primary use case, as some others have pointed out already, is for the ability to add another status column. We use priority on many of our boards which uses a status column. When a user has 5 tasks under the “Today” section of the My Work view, being able to view the priority of those 5 tasks could help them easily identify where to start and what items may be okay to push to a later date.

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YES. This is SO annoying! We need to be able to manually move tasks around into a new order and also have a status column.

When will MyWork be customisable? The team promised this had been prioritised, and yet still nothing.

Hurry up - the community has been asking for this for YEARS