See & Update All Tasks From One Place

I am on several boards where I can be assigned as the owner of a task. I would love to have one, workable place to view and update all of my tasks, regardless of on which board they were created.

The nature of my role and team means that my tasks must exist on several different boards, but it makes it very difficult to see what’s on my plate.

Workarounds tried:

  1. My Week - requires due dates to be assigned before tasks show here. Not all of my tasks have due dates assigned, but I need visibility of them anyway.
  2. Dashboard - I’ve attempted to use both the Table (with multiple boards linked) and the Cross Account Board widgets on a dashboard to accomplish this, but there’s not a way to easily filter and/or save filters for an entire Dashboard. This would mean manually filtering each time to get the view I desire.

That would definitely help us too!


@laurak Try checking the box in My Week Settings to “Show assignments without a date”


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Thanks for the tip! That helps with seeing tasks all on one place but not with all the information associated with each task, and not the ability to update from there.

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The My Week view is great. However, I’d like to be able to see ALL tasks (with dates) assigned to me without clicking forward 1 week at a time. Is there a different place this exists or a different way to achieve this, perhaps with a Dashboard?


This. If I’m not mistaken, I can’t believe there isn’t a way to achieve this!

I use the timeline feature to know when I should be working on something. It’s useless since it won’t appear until the week of the due date.


Agreed, having a “personal board” where all tasks assigned to an individual can be viewable in the same manner as a normal board seems a logical feature to have.
“My week” and “search all” for a particular name don’t go far enough to be as workable as a board view would. Seemingly the biggest constraint would be combining the various columns, but I think the easiest solution to that would be only include 1-1 columns or at the very minimum Pulse, Person, Status, Date.
If anyone ha other suggestions on what to include in such a board, it may help the Monday team figure out how to easily implement given the variability across boards.

Update: a possible workaround is to create a dashboard with the “Table” widget, select the various tables and groups you want to include, and set a filter where you are the “Person” (or whatever name you use to distinguish the owner of the pulse). You’ll have your own “personal board” of sorts!


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the idea of using the table widget!!! I finally have a good view of my tasks across all boards!!! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


I love this idea but it’s limited to a maximum of 10 boards on our account. We have dozens of boards.
I need it account-wide - all tasks on all boards with my name in the People column.

Still not possible. Why do such arbitrary limitations exist in Monday?

We have a Boltswitch and Search Everything so dozens of boards is obviously part of the platform design but a global overview of all my tasks account-wide is not.

For all its strengths, Monday is such frustrating software at times.


I honestly can’t believe this isn’t a feature. I just asked this in another post. Is there no way to even make this work through automation or item mirroring? I would be thrilled if me and my team could go through each project board on MONDAYS to pick out the weeks tasks and mirror/clone/still update both from one consolidated “Hot Items” board. Is this not a thing?


I second everything in this post!

Monday, please advise!


I could not agree more. This is so essential. A condensed view of all my tasks is essentially my to do list, and the main page I would reference.

I hate having to cycle through weeks in “My Week” view. I need to see everything assigned to me regardless of date, all in one place!

Please add this feature :slight_smile:

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+1 from me. This functionality is crucial for any organization with staff who will be designated as owners of tasks across many different boards. This macro-level function should be available to each user to see their own tasks, and also to anyone else designated with permission (e.g., managers). For example, a manager of a program with 5 staff should be able to create a board (in table view) that show all tasks assigned to each of their 5 staff (including other basic fields like status and priority), and with tasks grouped by staff person. And these should all be editable directly from this macro board. Please add ASAP.

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i logged in to the community just to upvote this!

please help build this function in <3 my team was previously on [another project management tool] and for the longest time after the switch to, i couldn’t exactly put my finger to what i felt was lacking on Monday… :’(

i realized through this post that it is the ability to have a detailed overview on all outstanding tasks. i personally feel that this is crucial for the task owners when they have multiple tasks spanning across different boards and scopes.

i have been trying to create them through my personal dashboard but it is really manual and you gotta select each board and task group carefully. when it’s crunch time, it’s really hard to set time aside to organize it this way! and why the search function doesn’t work… you can only search what you know :wink: and the list of outstanding tasks help you make sure that you haven’t missed other tasks from other boards while trying to clear tasks from a certain one!

thank you to the Monday team tho! :slight_smile: really appreciate you guysss :partying_face:

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YES! Please!! I tried the “automation” mentioned on another feedback related to this but it didn’t work for me and couldn’t figure out the Tables view either. This seems like a basic item! What are all my items?!?!?!?! What do I need to get done- no matter what board they are on or when they are due.


+1 from me too. This is pretty make or break for us using Monday.

Monday Team - can we get your input here?

This is a clear need and a basic feature that is offered through many project management platforms.

I signed up to upvote this update.

In my usecase, this is essential. I am subscribed to several boards, and knowing my upcoming tasks is crucial. I have set up a dashboard but you can’t sort by date, nor can you rearrange the boards depending on priority. This means a task that was added first due in December can appear at the top of a page, and a task added today due next week could appear all the way down the bottom - not very helpful for knowing what to prioritise on a day-to-day basis!

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You are unfortunately also unable to sort by date, or rearrange the boards - boards, groups, and the tasks within groups all appear in the order in which they were created.

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We only use a couple of boards because of this limitation. All my tasks are in 1 board using groups - and each employee uses groups for different departments. So I can see all of my tasks - however, I can’t see all the tasks for all the projects.

Lacking this feature means we only use 50% of what Monday can offer - we can’t realistically have each project in it’s own board.