See & Update All Tasks From One Place

This would be ideal for us too. We have hundreds of boards and a clear and simple way of seeing which pulses due. We use my week but if means us having to flip back weeks to find any missed tasks.

This feature is SO important Monday - Can you please give us a response on timeline for implementation?
I have changed over my entire company to Monday from one of your competitors, the lack of this feature is a deal breaker and we are now considering changing back! Very embarrassing for both of us :frowning:


100% agree. I’ve mentioned this before. An item can be a few weeks long and I need to know when is that timeline for that item I expect to see items that need to be worked on, including when its due. I don’t want a task that should be worked on for three weeks to only pop up on the last week and then end up rushing my projects.


Hi Monday team,
This is a MUST HAVE feature for our teams as well.
We’re trying to move all our teams into Monday and not having this option can be a deal breaker for us.

Just a simple list view of all the tasks a user is assigned to, with a generated URL.

  • The ‘My week’ screen just isn’t usable if you want to see tasks with due date that isn’t in the current week.
  • The search everything also isn’t good enough as it has very limited filters, and there’s no URL.

Do you have any update on this feature?


this is a useful feature to search over > 10 boards - though I would also like the Search Everything to have a way to include AND / OR conditions along with NOT - so that I could save a search such as: (items assigned to me OR my team) AND with Status NOT DONE could be displayed.


Would love to have this feature.

Hi all, I signed up just to upvote this topic.
This is one of the biggest frustrations of the entire team since we switched from another program to Monday. Hopefully will be solved in the near future.

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Upvoted. Idk what they are waiting for, so many users need this.

I love Monday and we have gradually moved almost all our data away from other systems and into Monday.

However, this function is also essential for my team. We have a different board for every proces in our company, but obviously not everyone is only assigned to only one proces and so everyone has tasks from various boards. For us, it is mostly crucial to see what to work on next. I don’t really mind if it would take going to the specific board to actually work on it, although it would be a plus if this view would allow working on the item, like the week view does with the pop-up window.
Many of our tasks don’t have specific due dates. We actually hardly ever work with due dates and work with priorities instead. It is somewhat frustrating that there seems to be no easy way to make a view that simply extracts every item in all of our Monday workspace with a specific person assigned as “owner” or “person”, and then sorts them according to another column value that in our case is either “low priority”, “medium priority” or “high priority”. It should in my opinion also definitely be possible to not organise all items according to their respective boards and groups, as the table view does. It doesn’t matter to me in what group or on what board my next task is, I just need to know what to work on next.

Thank you, Monday team, to create a great feature for this just like the many great features you already have!


Upvote here!! We have tons of construction management jobs with my job area spread across all of them! Need a central location for all my tasks!!

I’ve been trying out project management software after project management software. This is a critical feature. If I have a task that is more than a week overdue, it does not appear on the default screen. Yes, I can work around it, some by using a table widget, but I need an easily accessed view where I can see all of my projects (and all of my team members’ projects) in one place to ensure no critical deadlines are missed.

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Agreed. My Week is great for a specific style of working. But I more often want to see My Tasks - all items assigned to me across all boards, all in one screen.

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this is crucial. And I see that it’s been an ongoing topic for a long time, without any answer from Monday. What are all of you doing to solve this? Any other tool that is better? My boss is not so happy that he can’t get an overview on everything going on.

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@Kristine @jmks84 @briennemartin @Jorrit @Marcoraiche @Brigitte

Hi all,
You can use the 1View app to solve this issue.
Watch this demo to see how it works and with just 2 clicks you can add it to your monday account easily.
You can read more about this on here.

1View is still in its early stages and send your suggestions, feature requests and bug reports to

Hi there,

It looks good, but we still have the problem that we can only connect 10 boards to it. Is there another way to work aroud?

Hi @Marcoraiche,

Yes. That limitation is still there in monday. :grimacing:
We can allow for any board to be connected. But if it’s not connected with the dashboard, you won’t be able to update the item. That’s problem atm. For that reason only dashboard connected boards can be used inside 1View. We’ll see if there’s any workaround.

I get a “this page is restricted” notice when trying to add the 1view app to No worky.

I can’t believe this still isn’t possible in! It’s such a simple seeming thing and yet they have hundreds of super complex pieces I will never use. Give us a simple way to put all our tasks in one place!!!


Hi all,

Anders from Tuesday’s Tools here.

I’m cross-posting here from a related thread: What am I assigned to that isn't already done: my personal to-do list

We’ve obtained permission from the Monday team to use all boards.
As such, we’ve added the following toggle to the top of our app:

This link should work to install:

More info on our “Combined Board View” app: Filter across boards + bulk update with

Let us know if you decide to try it out!


My team NEEDS this! I am used to working in something like Asana where you just have a straight to do list. I don’t want to look at every project every day. I want to know what I need to do next by date. Help!