See all my tasks in one place?

My team uses Monday for task management; mostly my tasks are self-managed on my own “to do” board, but sometimes I’m added as an owner on tasks on other boards.

Is there any way to have all tasks where I’m an owner show up together, regardless of the board they belong to? The closest I’ve found is the My Week page, but that is not at all sufficient (not enough info, too much wasted whitespace) - I want a board-view-style page (or at least a Kanban view) where I can see all my tasks in one place.

I can’t believe that doesn’t exist; it seems like such an obvious, necessary and basic feature. But I can’t find it anywhere! What am I missing?


Hi Eleanor

Can you try using search everything to see if this solves your need? This article should explain how to use it for your needs.

Let me know if that answers your request? :smiley:

I second this!, the search everything is okay but it is still not sufficient. This brings in irrelevant information that is not necessarily a task while requiring manual filtering through to actually find my tasks. A task list should be easily found and legible for all users, regardless of Computer Literacy. This is visible in My Week, but again, My Week is almost useless because it brings in Everything and Anything you are tied to, if it’s a task or not.


Thanks Julia. It would be great to have a proper board-style overview of all tasks, but this is fairly close for my purposes.

I think ultimately I want a page I can actually work from, not just a search function or a discovery option, especially since this does not seem to update in real-time. But in the meantime, this will certainly suffice.


@Eleanor does the “my week” function not do this for you?

My Week does show all the tasks, but it’s not particularly usable for working from - it shows nothing other than task name and due date, and there’s so much white space it involves a lot of scrolling.

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Hi @Eleanor

Clicking on any task in My Week will reveal a pop out card with all the information related to the item:

Would that perhaps solve the issue you describe here?

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That’s very good to know, but no it doesn’t - the information still isn’t visible all on one page, the way it is on a board. A useful thing to know though, thankyou.


Hi Eleanor, I’d love this feature also. I created a feature request, please upvote if this is still something you desire: See & Update All Tasks From One Place


MUST HAVE feature in my opinion, wish I’d known it wasn’t there before signing up for a paid account, My Tasks was pretty much the only thing I used in Basecamp

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I created a Master Board for my tasks and used the automation below to have items that are assinged to me automatically added to it.
“When PERSON is assigned to SOMEONE create adn ITEM on ANOTHER BOARD and line them using LINK TO AN ITEM COLUMN”


I really would like this feature too!
This Automation didn’t seem to work for me, though it sounds like it might solve the issue.

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I think what we are looking for is one of the demo views that gives. I would love to have something like this to pin to favorites or dashboard views. I just cannot figure out how to make this work.

Hey @Eleanor, @abiciea, @laurak, @Pedros, @Learning_ForTE, @Shanerh, thanks for the feedback and ideas! Have you already checked out making a table widget on a dashboard? There you can combine boards in one spot and filter by yourself to see all of your tasks in one place :slight_smile:

@cainine to access this shareable view have you tried clicking into your board’s views and sharing from there?

So it seems like your limited to 10 boards with the Table?!
It’s a good start but I have a lot jobs assigned on a lot of boards.
I want to know ALL the things I’ve been assigned.

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And I really can’t believe this isn’t a feature…
I mean seeing ALL of my tasks, from all of the boards, in one place. How could that NOT be a simple thing to do? Doesn’t everyone need to do that?! How do people even use without that? Right now I have to click on EVERY ONE of the 30+ boards my team has to see what I’m assigned?!


My team has two issues with the “My Tasks” section currently:

  1. The Timeline selection under settings seems to still only show the final due date of the project. It seems like it should show all days the team member is supposed to be working on a project so they can get started.

  2. The addition of views like a regular board would make it much more functional. All of your tasks organized in a timeline or calendar view would solve all of our problems.

Dashboards would be a great solution for this, but the board limits Monday has put in place make the task widgets practically useless.

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Agreed. Board limits on Monday dashboards are very puzzling. Why not account-wide?

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Hi @Shanerh, you’re right—at the moment the limit is 10 boards per any dashboard widget. To see all the things you’ve been assigned your best bet is probably to use Search Everything, as Julia mentioned earlier! I definitely hear you on the wish to have one board where you can see everything assigned to you. If you want to write into, we’re happy to help brainstorm workarounds specific to your account workflow :slight_smile: I see you’ve already added comments to the feature request: See & Update All Tasks From One Place. it is a great idea to have all dates in a timeline show up in the My Week section! Have you already had the chance to submit this as a feature request? I also like the idea of different views for My Week.

So it looks like acknowledges this is a glaring gap in your functionality and you have nothing currently available that addresses it properly. Search seems to be the best option, but search does not show all tasks that are searched for. It somehow selects certain tasks to show, but does not show all of them?

So when is going to address this gap? My company has recently starting using this tool and I was amazed that this basic functionality was not available. Hopefully coming soon!