What am I assigned to that isn't already done (Personal to-do list/My Week)

An obvious feature that is still missing in Monday is the personal to-do list. Across all boards, what are the pulses that I’m assigned to that are not done yet?

There is the “assigned to me” saved search in Search Everything, but that doesn’t let you filter out all the ‘done’ pulses and is therefore not usable as a to-do list.

There’s also the ‘show assignments without a date’ in the My Week settings, but that also includes the pulses with a ‘done’ status.

The feature request https://community.monday.com/t/unassign-when-issue-is-set-to-done/527 seeks a solution for the same problem.

My approach would be to make Search Everything more powerful. This could be achieved by implementing a UI filter option that lets you include or exclude pulse states.
Another way is to allow for Search Everything search strings with parameters, for instance:

“John Doe -status:done”.

Stored as a saved search, this would always show you your personal to-do list.


I’ve been looking something similar to this too. Currently I’d like a way to do a search on a specific tag and exclude ‘done’ items.
Ability to exclude statuses or other data from search results would be fantastic for so many uses.


Count me as one of the people that tried using the “-” modifier in hopes that it would act like Google and remove the item from the search query. Would LOVE to see this.


Kind of and sort of like this …

I was thinking more of personal dashboard - user activity


What am I assigned to that isn’t already done: my personal to-do list
That’s exactly what we have been trying to create… filters for task owners only work within boards. if they could work across boards that would be perfect.


Do you not find My Week helpful here?

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Unfortunately My Week shows everybody’s tasks due…

You can change My Week to see “Just Me” using the person filter at the top:

Might that work for you?

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Unfortunately that still shows pulses that I’m part of but don’t own. There doesn’t seem a way to see just the pulses I am the Owner of…


When you say “own” as opposed to “part of” what are you referring to? Do you have more than one people column?

Yes, we use Owner for the person who’s accountable to get it done and People for the team that may be involved or need to be kept informed.

Can you send us a screenshot of your board and also My Week with your settings open so I can see better and try and see if I can find a solution?


I might have jumped in a bit late on this one … but want to give my two cents on the topic.

We have an onboarding board that is comprised of several PEOPLE columns all in ONE board. For example, the first people column is the “HIRING MANAGER” the next one is the “BUDGET ANALYST” the third is the “SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR” the fourth “THE TRAINER” … The hiring Manager people column in our “workflow” is really the only person that should OWN the PULSE, all the others are there because automations will ASSIGN them after other events (Statuses) have occurred, and YET when we use the MY WEEK, other PEOPLE Columns staff get the pulse in their view when in reality it should only be the “HIRING MANAGER” Person that we’d like to own that pulse. I almost envision at the BOARD LEVEL a switch / Setting that asks (WHICH people column OWNS the pulse?) so that when using MY WEEK, it ONLY Picks up that column only and ignores the rest.


Thank you for adding your experiences. We’ll send this as feedback for consideration :slight_smile:


Sure, here goes - see pulse for Consider a ‘designed’ email signature


Any progress on this feature request? I too would love to see a personal to-do list that aggregates all items that I am “assigned to” which are NOT marked as complete!

Perhaps even an automation that went something like this:

When “Person” is assigned to “Someone” create a virtual copy or alias of “Item” to “Board (Personal To-Do)


Can someone from Monday.com explain to me how they created a task tracking tool that is lacking the most fundamental feature, a list of my “to-do’s?” It absolutely blows my mind.

Someone at my company decided to switch to Monday.com, but now every single team member is asking “How to do I see my tasks?” Seems pretty basic!!!


I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m hoping this happens ASAP. Personal tasks + reoccurring tasks are a vital part of my own workflow.


I came here looking for an answer to this and found that the search everything function has teammates images (including mine) and I can just click on their image (or mine) to see everything assigned to them or to me. This works perfectly for me to be able to see everything that is assigned to me. (or to my teammates) See the red arrow below for where I see the simple/easy search which I can then save and have as a bookmark.

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Hi pkortman, I know about this option but the problem is that it shows all items that I’m assigned to, including the ones that were completed (status Done) months ago. It is of no use if you want a clean list of items that are assigned to you and still need some work, i.e.: your personal across-all-boards to-do list.