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as an Operations Manager I’ve been looking for ways to quantify and review my teams activity and have been relying on the Search Everything to see what each individual team member has on their plate. I was hoping to have a better way via the dashboards to have an overview of an user.

The below is a quick visual of what I mean. Ideally I’d select an user and after I select the columns to count the dashboard would provide me a summary of ALL boards for that person to give me a very HIGH level overview of how much they have on their plate.


There is an ongoing conversation on the facebook community about this as well! Resource tracking would be amazing!

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Finally found the facebook post (I thought the facebook group was going to be closed since this forum was open!).
Here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/dapulseaddicts/permalink/1283875515113618/
and here, https://www.facebook.com/groups/dapulseaddicts/permalink/1281511808683322/

We just implemented a new way to do resource allocation and tracking within our company last week. This was originally born out of necessity since the search function and dashboards were both limited in their ability to show exactly what we needed per person.

Our solution is as follows: Each of our boards are grouped into weekly sprints. Each pulse has a status connected to a “working on date”. We also have a “deadline” date column. The “deadline” is the drop-dead date that the task needs to be completed and should never change. The “working on date” is the day you complete the task - if it isn’t completed yet it should be set to the end of the week.

The result of this is that we can go into My Week and click on any team member and see their workload for the week. *We set the My Week settings to be Deadlines only. This also allows us to see any tasks that have not been completed yet as well as any tasks that are set for the future.

This gives us a pretty good idea of each team members weekly workload and in one week of using this new workflow we can already have much more insight into our projects. Caveat: this process is still nascent though, so we are adapting and iterating each day.

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Hey @rick

Thanks so much for sharing and glad you’ve found a workaround that’s working better for you!! Would you mind showing via screenshots how you’ve set up that board and how it interacts with My Week, so others can see it visually - it’s a bit hard to picture sometimes without!

Resource allocation is something we’re actively working on improving in the upcoming Q via lots of improvements to existing features and some new ones on the way so stay tuned!

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That is a good work around Rick. I’m thinking a high level overview in a dashboard format. I simply want to pick all boards, select person, task type and OUTPUT sortof the screenshot I have at the beginning of the blog.

But in a grander scale, by teams, by people and get a whole overview in one single dashboard.

I, too, rely a bit more on the Search Everything feature for finding this kind of information. I noticed that when search results are returned, in the upper right under the gear icon is the “Export to Excel” option. It would be great if there was also a “Create As Custom Dashboard Widget” option or something similar.

If I’m overlooking this functionality somewhere, please let me know! Thx!

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