Weekly Capacity Report


I set my team weekly tasks and predict how long each task will take. I use a new board for each project and a team member may have tasks spread out across these boards. Is there a way I can quickly run a report that filters each board by person and exports this onto a separate board or an excel sheet?

I have had a look at Integromat, as I suspect this is the answer, i’m new to this so struggling to understand.

Hey @Trust_Ben

What kind of things do you want to see? You can use My Week to see week by week what each member of your team is working on across all boards.

If you want to get more information/data, dashboards might be best. Would love to hear more about what kind of thing you’re looking to see so I can advise further :slight_smile:

Hi Julia,

I’ve managed to solve it using a chart in a dashboard, thanks for your help!

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