What is the best template for a task and project-based Support Ops team to track daily and weekly volume and time per team member?

Hi! I manage a Support Ops team of 5 who all work across various platforms and tools, performing different projects and tasks, and I’m trying to use Monday to be able to track capacity and time spent across all team members including their varying projects. I initially set up low level boards for them to each track their work week over week but am struggling to tie them all into a singular view so I can look at work across all 5 team members. I’d love recommendations for what templates folks have found helpful for a similar use case, and how those boards were tied into a larger dashboard.

Hey Kelly,

Had you explored our resource management template and resource management features in the platform?

We have a workload widget and view that was developed to assist in managing workload across team members measured by resource and effort:

I encourage you to have a look and let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for this Bianca. I think this could work, but it would need a lot of custom work. Is that someone you or someone on your team could help guide me through?