See & Update All Tasks From One Place

@Ally sounds great! We can help you use the preview of our app. Please subscribe on our site and I’ll get in touch.

Please add this functionality.

I am regretting not going with Asana.

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Also, it would be good to have assigned items tied to a persons email account rather than to the url account. For instance, I am apart of two accounts. Having the functionality of seeing my assigned items across all boards and accounts would be ideal.

How is this NOT a feature in Monday?? How am I supposed to manage my tasks in this platform? I will never be able to fully adopt Monday to project management and collaboration until I can view & manage my tasks across all boards.


I’ve just posted about this elsewhere, but yes. This really needs to be fixed. I’ve just come from using which is worse is loads of ways, but they get the My Tasks thing exactly right.

I want to see stuff that is overdue, due today, later this week and then in the future all in one place. And I’d love to be able to add tasks from this one page. Wrike gets around the date issue by automatically giving a new task todays date! Then if you aren’t worried about it, you can push it into the future, or if you need to get it done, it stays in your to do now bit.

I’d love to hear some progress on this. We’ve got a month by month subscribtion but this is preventing us from fully committing.


This feature is an absolute priority for us! The entire team here can’t believe its not a native feature!

Can we please have some reassurance that this is on the roadmap and a potential live date?

100% agree Nick. It would be great to get some reassurance from Monday on this feature and it it’s going to be included.


I get the same error, did you find a solution?

Apparently customers have been asking for this feature for years and it still hasn’t happened. I’m not holding my breath. Extremely disappointing.


Nope, still get that message. Haven’t seen a response from Monday on this request.

It’s super weird as My Week kind of does it, but in a broken janky way. It over complicates it and makes it less useful. I know I’m basically not using properly as I don’t have a decent task list at the moment, so its all a bit half hearted for our company at the moment.

Pretty much sums up our position too. My Week is too weak for our purposes. Broken and janky covers it.

Monday is so close to being a killer app but the lack of a robust, account-wide To-Do list that we can sort and filter in any way we like cripples it for us.

That was what I was hoping as well. “My week” is pretty buggy. It shows Items which were already marked as done, there is no way to apply filter or see which tasks are beyond the deadline.

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Happy 2021 ! This request has gotten a lot of votes and people asking for this functionality. Is there any plan to include improved task management (that does not require the search function) in the roadmap? Thanks!

1 Like Yeah, we were just about to move from Asana to Monday, but the lack of a comprehensive “My Task List” is a deal killer. Monday is so much more robust than Asana, if they could only just have a simple task list…


Our team would also love this feature! It would be great to see new tasks pop up in my personal task board anytime a teammate assigns something to me from their own boards.

Hey @DTCSC, happy 2021 to you too! :blush: And thanks for posting @peterledger and @Guia!

I’ve been doing some digging about this, and we are looking to open a feature that will allow you to manage all your tasks from a simple place. We definitely recognize the need for such a feature and are looking to release the first version of it this quarter. I don’t have more specifics at the moment on when exactly or what it will look like, but the feature should address many of the pain points you’ve described.

16 Likes That is great news! Looking forward to seeing what is developed :slight_smile: When I used Todoist, they really excelled at task management across projects. Very simple and intuitive to use (daily, weekly, and monthly views). Also having something to capture todo items that can get recategorized later may be useful.


Wow- that would be great! Been waiting for this so long and know our team would use Monday more with this possibility!

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