See & Update All Tasks From One Place

Yes, that is great news

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YESSSSS, please make it happen! We’ve been waiting a LONG time.

I’m happy to be a beta tester!


I’ve just joined this community to search for a solution to this problem. I recently joined an agency that has 40 workspaces with several boards each, and I could be assigned a task in any of them. I need a single place where I can see everything that has been assigned to me, otherwise this is completely unmanageable. It’s really driving me crazy.


It’s coming soon @Fatbat ! If you’d like to be among the first to hear about it, PM me and we can get connected.

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I sadly spent a fair amount of time this week setting up for a department wide trial to find there is no way for my employees to view all tasks assigned to them. This is a core requirement for us when selecting task management software.

@PolishedGeek - Is it possible to get some kind of beta access to this view?
I have been really impressed with Monday (apart from this) and would really like to find a way to make Monday work in our organization.


this is great news, would love an ongoing update on this, we are desperate for this!

Can’t believe this implementation seems to be so hard. Just bought PRO, almost regretting this if I see the need for this feature by the community, and the lack of implementation by Monday. Hoping to see some progress soon here.

Hi @GlennKesteleyn - monday is currently revitalizing the previous My Week into My Work. You can turn it on under the monday labs area (click on your Profile and then on monday labs). When you turn My Work on, you are only turning it on for your user account, not all of your colleagues.

My Work is still in active development, so you’ll be seeing new options pop up over the next few months for additional filtering, custom groups, etc.

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The My Work beta doesn’t satisfy the use case of having one aggregate board for all tasks assigned to me, for which I can reprioritize/visualize. I need to see all my tasks on one board so that I can prioritize my tasks across multiple boards. I want to be able to filter/change view of my aggregated tasks so that I can use Kanban to visually prioritize my work. I want to see the changes I make on my Kanban reflected on the original board, but that the rearranging/views I do on My Work doesn’t affect the layout of the original board.

3 Likes This is the best news could have, its the main downfall of compared to its competitors like Asana etc that do this so easily! Next we just need a Project column that can mirror an entire task between Boards in one click rather than the mirror column function which is so clunky and time consuming!

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Any update on this topic since December 2019???
I contacted the monday support on this need and they send me here,
I really need this, cant believe a basic overview of all workspaces / boards is not available especially when I see the price of my pro plan.

@CBice Have you seen the beta feature My Work which is currently testing?

Link to Help article for mobile version:

I have this available in Monday Labs.

Oddly, it defaults to sorting by Date Assigned which currently cannot be changed making it unusable for me. But I’m hoping it will improve soon.

Thanks John, yes I did
but you cant filter by workspace or users, and there is so much spacing between each line I dont understand why they display it like that.
It is a half baked solution I hope they will improve soon, we are this close, on the verge of greatness

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Sums up my thoughts too. I really hope they make it usable in the real world before releasing it.

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