Improve my work efficiency: Ability to see all tasks from all boards/teams that I’ve assigned in one single view

It would be very helpful to be able to see all of the tasks I’ve assigned that are not yet “done”. This view would pull from all boards and all teams. It would act as a “follow-up to do list”.

I had this on a different project management platform and it became apart of my morning to do, following-up to see if any project task needs help, encouragement or reminders to execute.

Task Name, Task Owner, Due Date/timeline, Status, click to see updates… ideally we could add any other columns on this view as well.

Also, ideally this would be a “Saved View” that we could label and not have to reconfigure each time we need to use it.

Thanks so much!

Hey @kramgren,

I wanted to be sure I am understanding your request here, to ensure it’s directed to the right place!

To clarify, are you essentially looking for a more customisable version of My Work? In my work you are able to view tasks that are not yet done, however from my understanding the main difference between my work and your request is the ability to add more columns/information, as well as being able to save a specific view to my work - is this correct? :pray:

If this is the case, I’ll be sure to convert this post into a feature request to increase visibility and votes!

Thanks so much Bianca. I sincerely appreciate your help with asking these further questions.

My understanding is the difference from My Work section is My Work, is either what I’ve assigned to myself, or what I’ve assigned to a specific person.

In my job, as a project manager, I assign tasks to everyone within the company. For me to filter each person, then based on if I’ve assigned them the task versus all other tasks they have… that’s quite a bit.

With that, I’m looking to be able to have, in one view, every task that I’ve personally assigned, from any board, any workspace, to any (and every person), that is not complete.

With that, I’ve been holding back from using the platform, b/c for me to either toggle between each and project board individually, or clicking each persons name in the My Work section… it’s very inefficient. I’ve still been leaning back on the old fashion - to do list on the side.

I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Thanks so much for clarifying Kerri - I hear what you’re saying here!

Are you happy for me to make some adjustments to the title and convert this into a feature request?

Let me know if you’re happy with this request title:

Improve my work efficiency: Ability to see all tasks from all boards/teams that I’ve assigned in one single view

Feel free to send over a topic name you prefer :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Thank you so much Bianca. Much appreciated.

Please note: This was a feature we had set-up in Asana, for a former position at another company. I’ve been trying to find a youtube to show you, but I’m unable to find the full walk through without an account. Just wanted to let you know that they have it, so you’re aware of the market capabilities.

Thanks again for reaching out. You’re so kind.
Have a wonderful day!

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This is great to know and we appreciate you letting us know :pray:

I have gone ahead and converted this into a feature request and adjusted the title to ensure everything is clear - hopefully we :blush:

Thank you again Kerri!

We need a way to be able to view the contents of a board in several locations, eg. publish it to multiple places at once.

Or be able to have an Overview Board that can pull in data types with specific criteria into a single view.

We have one (sometimes more) boards per client and finding out my to do list across all those boards is crazy annoying. I want to create an Overview board where I can see my “To Do List” that includes across all boards. eg. more functional than “My Work” for example, because it’s “My Work” doesn’t allow you to filter on a particular status, and you can’t organize or filter all this data into an organized board, it’s too basic.

Should be basic functionality. Because in it’s existing for, this doesn’t scale. I have to click into each board, each item, hunt through subitems one by one. I know there is the “Search All” feature but that’s only good for Ad-Hoc queries. We need a dashboard to see “All items In Progress Assigned to ” kind of thing, as an example.

Really critical we can do this, as we scale up.

@BiancaT where are we with this request? I would also love to be able to save My Work customizations as filters or what not, and then be able to pull them into a board or dashboard depending on what is needed.

use case: i need a way to see my entire team’s work in one place and connecting boards isn’t going to work as my account has a limit of 10 connected boards and we’re all on so many boards. I found the My Work feature and can customize it to see the work of my team but there’s no way to save this view/filter. Nor is there a way to sort by People ie if my manager just wants to see mine vs my colleagues.

perhaps ive missed another request that is this exactly, thanks for your help!


Any update on this? An easy solution would be to be able to add another Person column to my work as we would have assigned to and assigned by in each of our tasks. As such both assignee and asigner would have visibility of that from the MyWork page