Look at all tasks across boards ('My Work' alternatives)

Is there a feature or integration that allows each person in a company to see all their tasks from one board? The ‘My Work’ view mostly works but it’s lacking in customization options for our team. Some limitations:

  • My Work lists tasks in chronological order from end date instead of start date. We would prefer to sort tasks and subtasks by Start Date so we know when to start tasks.
  • We can’t edit subtasks from My Work view
  • The view itself isn’t responsive and is too wide for our screens so it’s difficult to see everything clearly

What we’re also imagining is that we keep our separate project boards and create a board or view for each employee that allows them to see and edit all of their tasks/projects.

Thank you!

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Hey @culturehousecc - If I’m understanding correctly, it seems like a good option is to make each person a workspace-level dashboard and connect all of the boards you need:

My company uses these so our folks can go to one place and see all of their stuff. You just have to link all of your project boards and then filter the board by a person. This addresses your second and third points - subtasks are editable and the view can be resized. This won’t allow you to sort tasks though.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thanks for sharing! We were able to put this together which certainly has helped with editing and viewing all projects/tasks with ease. Hoping to see a way to sort tasks soon as it’s challenging to see at first glance what we need to prioritize on each of our boards. Right now, some staff are trying to make My Work work for them or are bouncing in between the personalized dashboard and My Work.

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