View all tasks assigned to me grouped by status?

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My team shares a workspace where we manage all of our current projects. I have boards I use and assign tasks to myself, but other people assign me tasks on their boards as well. I can use the My Work view but it is organized by date and there is no option to sort by status (to-do, pending, delayed, etc.) I need a place where I can view all tasks assigned to me, organized by status. I tried Dashboards, the limitation on boards that can be included doesn’t work for me. It would be nice if when I completed a task and changed the status to Done, it would update on the board as well. Does this feature exist? What do you recommend? Thank you!

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Hi @LisaKl

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There are a handful of things that spring to mind you could be utilizing to establish a connected and automated workflow. We can certainly assist and would be happy to have a look and point you in the right direction, explain options etc.

Please use the below link to schedule a free (of charge and of obligation) session with someone from the team. You can always reach out directly as well:

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Hi @LisaKl - A good option for this is to move to more of a “master board” approach where tasks from multiple project boards are mirrored to a singular task board and synchronized. This offers for simple reporting from both the task level (what you are looking for) but also much easier high-level reporting without having to tie dozens of boards together.

If you would ever like to discuss these designs more and how they can benefit you feel free to reach out any time to see how we can assist.


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Hi Mark! This sounds like a good option. Would you mind giving me a quick step-by-step on how to mirror boards? I assume I would create a new private board first, but how do you pull in everything that’s assigned to me and mirror them?

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Hi @LisaKl - the approach I was explaining will likely take some redesigning to your current board setups. This may be a bit difficult to explain the approach in detail here. At a high-level, what you would do is the following:

  1. Create a new board, this would be your “master task board” that has all the columns you track on individual projects
  2. Create a new template project board that uses a connect board column to the master task board and create a new mirror column for each column in the master task board
  3. Create an automation in the project template board to create a new item in the master task board on a specific trigger change (ie: Status change) can connect it to the project board task

This way you can work from the master task board or from the individual project boards and these boards will stay in sync. There are limitations to this approach if you utilize subitems extensively. Also, updates (comments) are not synchronized between the two (however there are some apps that can help with this).

Alternatively, if you need to keep your current setups, you could look to apps like VLOOKUP Auto-Link to help keep boards in synch.

Hope this helps,

Awesome, thank you for typing that out for me. I will give it a try and see how it goes! Can I ask what the limitations are for subitems? Are those unable to sync?

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No problem. As for subitems you are correct, this cannot be mirrored as its actually a completely new item stored in a different board, so at this time you cannot synch subitems in this setup.