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Calling all super users. I work for an insurance company, and we are standing up a brand new marketing department (yay), but we’re running into issues related to handling all the workflow that comes in. I’m tasked with defining our internal process but keep running into issues. Here is what I have so far:

  1. We have 1 ticket board, that receives all types of requests
  2. We have task boards by department to work on said tickets
  3. We have 4 calendar boards that allow us to see events, emails, editorial, and planned advertising.
  4. We have 1 content development board to track all new assets.

Here is the problem I’m having trouble solving: if an approved project comes in (ticket), then we need to assign owners who go build tasks on their own boards. However, I need to be able to see all tasks related to that project. My thought is that I use the “connected boards” function, but can I build dashboards to track all tasks related to that connected board? how do I track all tasks and progress of those tasks against the project / ticket?

So, I’m curious if there is a solution to the above OR if I’m organizing all wrong, and if I should re-think our approach. Would love any and all feedback.

Hi @mdnetti - excellent use case here. I think this is a good candidate for a Master/Child board relationship. However, it takes a bit of reverse thinking as the Master Board will actually feed the child boards. This way, you can have a central repository for all your data to report from.

Very high level:

  • Create a master board with all the fields you would track individually on task boards (master task board)
  • Create a task board template that mirrors fields from the Master board. The task board would have an automation to create a record within the master board and keep them connected
  • All new boards are created from the template and will feed to the Master board

We have implemented a similar style for many clients and are more than happy to assist you further if and where needed.

If you have questions feel free to let me know and if you would like further assistance check us out online to book a complementary discovery session.


Awesome, thanks for the quick reply. However, I don’t think it accomplishes what I need. Let’s say I have 2 projects: project 1 with 15 tasks and project 2 with 25 tasks. The tasks are spread out across multiple task boards across multiple departments. I’d like to see the status of each project from the viewpoint of the project; how many tasks are completed, vs being worked on vs stuck, etc. I almost think we can solve for this with a dashboard, but I can’t build the dashboard to view by certain project, or connected board, like I can view it for status. Does that make sense?

Hey @mdnetti - I understand better now. You are looking for a more high-level overview of all the tasks. This can easily be accomplished with the technique I mentioned as all of your reporting comes from a single board. The master board can then be your source for your dashboard, and also create an Overview Board that summarizes the tasks from each board into a single record.

You also need to keep in mind Dashboard limitations. Within the Pro plan you can only connect 10 boards to a dashboard. This is increased to 50 with enterprise licensing. I am not sure how many boards you may have concurrently but this is something to think about.

Another item - there is multi-board connections that is being released very soon (achingly soon!) that allows you to connect multiple boards rather than a single one. This may also help you achieve a summarized view of your various boards.

Hope this helps!

Understood - but when I set up this automation, it maps over the item as soon as it’s created, so this is even before I type in the due date or name of other relevant information, which means my master task board is not 100% mapped to my individual task boards which is kind of confusing. Is there a fix? Did I set up the automation wrong?

Thanks so much for the replies, has been really helpful to talk through this with you.

Hi @mdnetti - no problem at all. What you can do is setup a status change to complete the automation to connect the boards:


This should give you the desired result and a little more control.


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Mark, is there anyway to have an automation create a new board rather then a new item? We are looking for a similar high level board workflow, and currently are using one board for the overview, items as the projects and sub items as the tasks. We would like a new board to be created for each project when a new item is created on the high level board, any suggestions on a workaround?


hi @toleary

If you are looking for a master / detail board relationship where detail boards are generated by changing a status column on the master board you can try this app Apps Marketplace

The detailed board generated from the master are connected so each item in the master boards represents a detail board. You can add columns to your master board that reflects (live) the total for numbers, the % of status, the overall timeline etc.

Hi @toleary - while I do not believe you can trigger a new board to be created based off item creation you can create a new board based off Status change.

What you could do is have a separate status column on your board and have a board default to set it to a the triggering status on item creation. Then create the automation to create a new board when that status changes. I am not sure that’s exactly what you are looking for?

Set Default of Status to GO.

Set automation on Status change to GO, create a new board:

You can set the new board to be created off a template that is hooked to your high-level board.

Hope that helps!

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