Multiproject Workflow

Hello there!
I am trying to find a more efficient workflow for our company. The workflow we have in place is great for scheduling, but not great for reporting. There are some limitations and I am looking for some ideas/advice/help/use cases that might help us to maximize the platform for our purposes. Here we go…

I work for a landscape construction company. No two projects we do are the same.
We have 9 crews working on projects simultaneously. Different crews will do work on the same project etc.
In an ideal world, we would have a customer file, and we can attach projects to that customer, and each project can have multiple crews working on it. And ideally every crew should be able to clock into (or time track) the project for that customer under their “category” of work.
For reporting purposes, we need to be able to group information by crew, by project, by classification (pool project, landscape project, concrete project, carpentry project).
And for scheduling purposes, we need to be able to have one master schedule where we can see the full project duration with which different crews are working on it at what time, as well as each crew’s schedule, working on different projects over the course of the summer.
Something to note: last construction season we had a total of 184 projects.

What we have currently:
One master project board. Each project is an item, with all the details in subitems.
What works is scheduling. Each crew is a subitem under the project as a whole, which is connected to our contacts board and therefore linked to the customer.
What doesn’t work, is reporting. Reporting for subitems is less robust than for items. In addition, if we want to duplicate our board, we lose ALL our subitem information. So if we want to create copies of boards for different purposes (such as reviewing projects with sensitive information), we lose all of our subitem information. And if we hide that information for supervisor reviews, then our management team can’t view it until those reviews are finished.

Our needs seem to be somewhat niche from the research I’ve been doing on use cases. But I thought I would see if reaching out into the Monday forum would produce any solutions!

If you have read this far, thanks (ha!), and if you have any tips, use cases, or have any possible solutions, I would LOVE to hear them. Thanks so much!

Hi @carlylaine :wave:

I reckon we could do with a chat. I remember your post around looking for more efficient forms and I feel like I could provide a project management demonstration for you that will answer your reporting and scheduling needs as described above.

Please use this link to schedule in a suitable time, in the same sitting we can elaborate on your forms requirements and I’ll talk you through the use case that was similar for a client of ours.

I’m available all week until Friday afternoon - let’s connect :slight_smile:

Peta | upstream
+613 9067 5611

Thank you Peta, yes I have one scheduled for the new year, if possible it would be fantastic to speak on both of these topics!

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