Help with a basic feature - show all tasks assigned to myself

Hi, I just started using Monday and am trying to set up a pretty basic feature. I hope someone can help me!

I want to create a private board, which will show all tasks assigned to myself from across other boards, including status, dates, etc.


Board Name: My Tasks
Task:/ from Board:/ Status:/ Deadline:
Design Ghost Ship/ Pirates of the Caribbean/ In-Progress/ Due tomorrow
Castle Sketches/ Harry Potter/ Ready-to-Start / Due in 4 weeks
Set Design/ Fast & Furious / In-Progress / Due in 3 days

The fields should all be linked to their original boards, so for example, if I mark a task status as complete, it should change the task status to complete in its corresponding project board.

Can anyone help me achieve this?

Hi @Rhy,
Welcome to the community. You can only achieve this by creating your own monday app, you can create your custom view and query all tasks you assigned. For more info, take a look at here:

Hey @Rhys, good question! In addition to @vcdizon04’s suggestion, I would recommend taking a look at the table widget. There you can combine multiple boards into one place, filter by yourself, and see all of your assigned tasks. The fields will be linked to their original boards, update in real time, and you can make changes from the table widget directly or from the board itself. What do you think?

Thanks so much Talia! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond :slight_smile: