Show tasks assigned to each team member

Hi all,

Im new to monday and loving it so far. However I have a question and I did not seem to find the answer.

Is it possible to show only assigned tasks to certain members?
I just want to them to only to see the assigned tasks and not everything.
I know there is a view function but they can still make it so that they can see non-assigned tasks.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, this is a feature that is only available in the enterprise plan.
There are other ways to solve this by creating links to other boards so you have one master baord with all activites and then individual members have their own boards with their assigned tasks.

Thanks for the reply.
Is there any topic, website, video that show how to do this workaround?
I run a small business with 6 employees and enterprise just for that doesnt sound meaningful

My problem with this is that if I update the name of the item, it doesn’t update across the boards which is super annoying.

Hi @Jin - have you activated the new “My Work” view in the monday.labs? This will eventually replace the My Week view. This is still in BETA and need to mature as there some missing features (such as sorting) however it allows for users only to only see tasks across multiple boards that are assigned to them (where they are in a People column).

Just go into your settings and select monday.labs:

Activate My work to replace my week.

Upon refresh you will see a new Icon on your task bar.

Please note - this needs to be activated by each user that wants to use it.

Hope this helps!

There is an App called conversations in the marketplace that can help you with such issues.


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Thank you! I took a look and couldn’t figure out how it would keep item names synched? Maybe I need to delve in deeper.

Hi @TaylorTedesco - If your comment above is related to the new Conversations app, the way it knows which Updates to pull together is by linked item columns. It doesn’t match them up by item name. The items have to be linked together in some way using Connect Board columns for the Updates to be merged into one view.

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