How can I see every item someone is assigned to across multiple boards?

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I recently set up my teams user account. We are an Civil Engineering Firm working in Land Development. Each of what we call “Projects” is a contract with a land owner or architect to delivery construction documents for permitting to develop a piece of property.

After discussions with the rep who helped set us up, we have chosen to make a “Board” for each one of our “Projects”. We used the “Powerful Project Management” Template and modified it a bit to our liking. We currently have 25 active projects, so we have 25 Boards in a folder called “Active Projects” and this is our main work area for

When looking at an individual Project/Board everything is going pretty smooth, we are able to create tasks, assign a person to work on it, set a deadline. The board works well for seeing what is going on with that project.

The problem I am having is that there is no screen where I can simply see All the tasks assigned to a particular team member across all of the 25 different Projects/boards. One team member will be assigned different tasks on multiple projects/boards. There is no way to check their “To do” list?

The closest thing I have found is the “My Week” button. Which is in the bottom left (4th button above profile picture). It doesn’t work well at all. The biggest problem is that if a deadline isn’t assigned to a task, or more importantly if the deadline isn’t within the actual week, then that task doesn’t appear. That won’t work for us at all, as most of the stuff we work on takes months.

I’m really struggling with this, we really need a place to see all the tasks a person has, so that we can set priorities for them, or assign tasks to a different person if that person is over loaded. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Gessleman! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I’d love to try and help you here.

Have you tried using the Search Everything functionality for this? When you search by the team members name, it should populate any item they are assigned to throughout the entire account.

Another potential solution (if you are on the ENT plan as you can connect up to 50 boards with this plan) is to utilize a dashboard and table widget and then filter for the team member within the widget. If you are unable to connect the 25 boards, Search Everything would be your best bet outside of My Week.

If you are on the ENT plan, another widget that could be helpful is The Workload Widget.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


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