Can I view items assigned to my team in My Week?


How can I view items assigned to my team in the my week feature? Right now I only see items assigned to me as an individual.


Hi @storme - You should be able to follow your team members and then filter by name in My Week, like this:
My Week.png

I dont want to see my teammates tasks, I want to see the tasks that me & my team mates have been assigned together as a team.

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I wasn’t able to find a simple solution to that.

In the case where we needed that I used Integromat to populate a seperate column “people” with everyone on an item, expanding the teams to everyone in the team.

Shouldn’t be necessary.

Agreed. Would be so useful and a productivity booster.

As an extension to that, a post was submitted 18 months ago requesting to see team tasks in My Week when you filter by a person in that team. So, if you filter on yourself, you should be able to see both your individual tasks and your Team tasks in My Week.

Since Team tasks don’t appear in My Week (that I can see), we don’t use the Teams feature at all. Too much risk of missing Team items. We’ve learned to accept that we have to assign multiple people in the People column on every board.

My Week really does need serious improvement.

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Hi @JohnW

Do you have an alternative way to view all tasks in a calendar across all boards? I can use the calendar widget but it is not simple and there is a chance I will not add a board to the dashboard. There is also a limit on how many boards you can have on a dashboard.

I need to be able to see all tasks assigned to for over 20 on going projects.


Hi @JCorrell ,

Can you explain further how to do it?


Sadly not in’s core features. Only via add ons such as 1View and Combined Board View which are available in the Apps Marketplace. They don’t offer Calendar view that I’m aware of.

Yes, that’s our biggest gripe with Dashboards and I’ve never understood the reasons for a limit - unless it’s a technical one whereby’s performance may be degraded with too many boards connected to dashboards.

Nevertheless, if Dashboards have to have a board limit then they are of no use to us. Limits of 10 or 20 boards are unworkable in our world.

Individual tasks are scattered account-wide across dozens of boards regularly so we cannot use Dashboards at all. Every dashboard needs to track all boards account-wide for us to use them.


The two situations where we needed it were not on dashboards but with dynamic filters. But I think it could apply.

The fundamental concept is to create a seperate column I called {people}.
From there, depending on the use case, you add the desired people to that column.

In our first situation, was a board with many active items. I wanted to use views with a filter by user to only show those items that a user is assigned to. This was fine until we decided that we also wanted teams to be assigned. Then the filter failed. So, we added the {people} column and used Integromat to explode the users in the team (combined with normal users) into that column.

The second situation was one we used for tiered reporting. Basically, we wanted team leaders to only see the rows for people they lead. BUT, if a status column was then changed to “Alert Manager”, then the team leaders manager was added to the {people} column. Then the manager would see the rows for the people they managed PLUS rows where their reports set the alert status.

That’s the basic idea.

Hey there!

As long as you’re using the Team feature on, you can add the name of your team to the top right. It will first show all people on the team. However, if you just want to see tasks that have specifically been assigned to the (let’s say) the Marketing team, you can do so by typing the name of the team in the filter, as you can see below:

Hope this helps!

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