New User - View All Assigned Tasks by Person

I would like to be able to see all tasks assigned per person across all boards in a single location. This is also important for my employees so they can see all tasks assigned to them across all boards and all clients instead of having to go into each board/client individually.

Have you checked out the My Work feature?

thank you…exactly what i was looking for. Is there a way to bring in a column for Workspace?

Unfortunately at this time the layout of My Work is fixed. Its good for getting a high level view of whats out there, but its not really where you should do your “Work” at. Its more links to the work.

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makes sense…thanks…is there a way to organize My Work by person instead of, for example, Day?

Ideally, I would like to see All Tasks assigned to Employee A as a section…and then All Tasks assigned to Employee B as a section instead of their tasks intermingled by day.

AH! So My Work is limited to your tasks. Its not really meant to show things assigned to other people. Its for each user to see what’s assigned to them globally. You can customize things using customize at the top (you can’t break your boards or anything from here)

You may want to look into dashboards more then if you need to get team overviews. You can add boards to a dashboard and filter by people there. but thats going to get into a bit of work because its not automatically everything.