Customize people column in "My work"

Idea: Include the ability to choose which people column you would like to show/report off of in the my work section like you can with the status and date columns.

Current State: We have boards where permissions are set to “you can only view items that you are assigned in a people column.” With these and other boards we have columns for consulted and informed stakeholders. However, these items then show up in their my work section.

Enhance the “My Work” feature to only look at selected People columns on a per-board basis.

A user may be assigned to an item in a certain column, such as “key contact” but they that board is not a TO DO with a deadline.

Right now, regardless of people column a person is assigned to, they see the task in their My Work even though they may not have anything to work on with it (except be contacted if someone else has questions). They should be able to say they only want to see the item if they are in X people column (such as actually assigned to them, not in a consulting role or such).

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Agreed - The My work feature is not very useable for many of my team members who are on boards designed with multiple people columns. Seems like it would be great to select which people column was the DRI or RP for the board. There could be multiple in the same way that you can select which status’ equal “done”.

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I just realized that this is an issue. As many have stated already, some boards have an assigned column while also having another “people” column for stake holders, or reporters, etc. The “My Work” view becomes cluttered with tasks that are not assigned to people who are listed on another people column within that board. The lack of selecting which people column should be used in the “My Work” view is a big miss and makes the view useless for many.

Agreed. I am having to change many the way people are working on in order to work around this. We currently have “support”, “supervisor” etc people columns and it ruins the “my work” feature.

Any way for me to find out if this is likely to be looked at soon?

I’m having this exact issue and could very much use a way to chose which People column shows up in “My Work” much like you can choose which Date column or Status column applies.


I agree. This is needed.

Another “me too” here.

I was just about to get into “My Work” and actually using it, but then I noticed how many tasks appeared that were not assigned to me, but they show up cause I’m assigned to another People Column.

Any chance someone heard from Monday about this feature request, or maybe has some workaround?

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+1 for this feature. It is very annoying to see items in ‘My work’ that I do not have to do anything for.

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Has there been any response from team on this?
I cannot believe the People column is not customisable yet!

Right? the rest are, but we can’t choose which column on the board counts as “assigned” vs. ones that are “following” the item.

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Agreed. I am finding My Work very frustrating, due mainly to the inability to customise it in ways that actually fit “my work”.

Has the Monday team acknowledged this request? It is one of the most requested features by my entire team and the main barrier to them utilizing “my work”