View custom columns in "My Work"

I’d love to be able to view custom columns on the My Work page. We use a separate board for each job in our company, each of which is built from the same template. One of the important columns we use across all jobs is “priority”, which uses the Rating (5 star) column type. I like the My Work page to zoom out and look at all my tasks across all jobs. Even though it’s not a standard column for Monday, I’d love to be able to view our custom priority column for My Work so I can view relative priority of all tasks across all jobs. If for some reason I have an item assigned from a board that doesn’t have a column labeled “Priority”, the field could be left blank or filled with something like “N/A” to indicate that item doesn’t have such a field.

Yes having the ability for the admin or the user to select what columns they see is critical. We have designers who not only need to the name of the task but also a few others points of data, stored in different columns. The solution is to manually combine that info into the first field. Recently Monday did add a tool you can click on that shows a little more data.


We are also deeply in need of this feature !

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Echo this request. My Work’s limited customization really reduces its value. Priority is a very commonly used column and would really affect the structure/order - but can’t be added to My Work.

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I need this. We have sub-items and we need to see the item’s “Job name” column in the mywork, otherwise you see 100 tasks saying “Update X” but on which job? We have 500 jobs.

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The ability to include a time tracking column would be really useful. I’ve had to create a dashboard that shows running tasks so that we can see any that may have been left running by mistake. This is a pain to maintain because boards have to be added/removed all the time. Having a simple view of all one’s tasks and the ability to see and operate the timers would make things a lot easier.

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+1 for me. Would love to add my own set of columns to the My Work view.

Our consultants have tasks across multiple project boards and it would be great to be able to customize additional columns to be displayed within the My Work view. As an example, we have a Numbers column where we store budget hours for tasks, which would be helpful to see in My Work.

It would be great to select a Number column similar to how we can customize on Status column.

This page is pretty useless without the ability to customise it.

+1 for me as well.

We connect all tasks to a high-level project in a separate board, to be able to sort tasks by project and track progress by project.

Thus, seeing the task in ‘My View’ without the Project (Connect boards) column leaves out a crucial piece of context for the task itself.