Adding a second Status column to My Work view

Is it possible to add a second status column to the My Work view?

We have a default “Status” column showing work in progress/done.
We also have a priority status column, as so many of our tasks are due on the same day, we need a way to flag them based on priority.

For the My Work view, we really need to see both the in-progress/done/stuck status as well as the priority for the work we have.

I see where I can chose one of these or the other, but not both. Is there not a way to see both?

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Hey there! You can choose one per board but not multiple status columns from the same board. Does this help clarify?

Perhaps you could use another board to reflect the same items with another status column? What do you think?

I’d love to learn more about your workflow so we can suggest a better workflow for you!

I’m interested in this functionality for my team as well. The ability to add columns on the my work view would be very helpful, especially the priority column which is considered a status column.

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The My Work page is’s out-of-the-box page for getting a full list of all tasks assigned to you. It’s my browser’s start page. It doesn’t make sense to me that I’d have to create a variation of that page that won’t have all of its functionality (e.g. grouping tasks by days due), just so that I can see which of my tasks are higher priority.

I have seven tasks due today, two of them need to be done ASAP. I don’t understand why a project management tool doesn’t allow me to see which of the tasks assigned to me today are urgent and which can be worked on later in the day. That just seems like a no brainer.

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