My Work view feature improvement

The My Work view would be greatly improved by adding the “Priority” Column and allowing sorting by criteria other than date. A Customer Experience Rep suggested a workaround, adding an additional Status column with customized status labels determining the priority of the tasks, but this seems like a lot of extra and unneccesary work. I purchased and am currently using the third-party Combined Board View app, which does this well. It just seems that if you’re going to offer a view across boards, then Priority should be an available column in that view and sorting or filtering should be allowed.

Yes. My team is using Monday for limited purposes right now. I’m holding out on migrating more processes and adding users until a view like this is available. I’m able to achieve the priority sorting I need in Google sheets with some queries, but I’d rather use Monday for its UI and other conveniences. But each team member seeing their own tasks sorted by priority across boards is non-negotiable, and I can’t justify investment in 3rd-party products or upgrades when Google already does it.

I think the real limitation here is that you can only have one status column and one date column in the my work view. I want to be able to see both status and priority. This shouldn’t need to be a workaround, customizing the view of my work should be a fairly easy capability using similar functionality as works on Dashboards.