Priority on "My Work"

I love ‘My Work’. However, there is one big element missing. Correct me if I’m missing something here but there needs to be a filter for priority on each work task. That way, at the top of my list, it shows the most critical tasks closest to the present day.

This should be a very easy function to add. Could we have this implemented in My Work?

In an email I received recently, under the heading ‘My work got even more powerful’ the screenshot of the ‘my work’ view has a ‘group by’. and ‘sort’ option But I can’t seem to access this feature anywhere. I wonder if this feature would allow you to sort by priority.



Just amplifying this request. The lack of customization flexibility to choose columns to display and modify in My Work really limits the usability of My Work, which is otherwise a great feature.


I have been trying to do exactly the same in adding priority to the My WOrk board. with many actions in a day and week it is important to help snapshop priority on this view.

Can we not have this as an option to add please?


This would be extremely useful for my team who have to juggle many priorities and heavy workloads in a given time. Please can this be added ASAP?


This requested feature is essential. It is crazy that it still is not implemented, considering how easy it would be to do, and how important it is for users who have to set their priorities.


please add the ability to prioritize my work tasks.


Please add priority to work tasks and also the ability to customize and prioritize your own day (like Click-Up has).


please add additional customization options to “my work” page such as adding priority column.

i’d love the ability to set up priorities for my day


Definitely agree! Our team needs this. It gets really difficult to manage priority of tasks in My Work if you have a lot of boards and tasks you’re part of. Sometimes it’s just impossible to do it all in one day so you have to set priorities.

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YES! Absolutely! This is critical for us as well. We use priorities (a status field) and Estimated Time (a number field, to track how long projects should take so we can optimize workload), and I can’t see these in My Work, which makes “My Work” pretty useless for our team. The lack of customization in My Work is disappointing

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I honestly was just looking for this feature expecting it to be there. Probably one of the most important requests - I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years old now! How is any individual supposed to bubble things to the top of their priority without this key information???

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Wow. it is insane that such a basic feature is not implemented here yet.


Agreed, although Monday is a flexible platform, the My Work feature forces you to use Monday in certain ways. Our setup would be transformed if we could show group name and time tracker on My work.

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I agree. I use My Work to view all of the items I am working on today at a glance, and it’s annoying that the items appear in a random order because they all share the same date (today’s date).

A priority status option would allow me to view today’s most important tasks at the top.

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Wake up @Monday!
This is practically the first feature I did internet search on when implementing Monday for our company.
How do you think people manage their work without prioritisation?

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Hey guys,

Just a heads up, has now released this feature so that we have a priority status column in My Work :slight_smile:

Great work monday, thank you!

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I also got an e-mail stating there is now a priority column. However the column does not appear in my view, nor is it even mentioned in the “Learn more” article that was linked in the e-mail.

EDIT: I already found the “new” priority column. It’s an already existing column that allows you to add a priority status to the list. But this is not helpful to me at all.

What I need is to sort the items that are assigned to a person into an order (top to bottom) so that they can work their list from top to bottom.

Just adding the priority label does nothing for the sorting of the work into a priority order/queue, which would be more useful as right now people lose track of what they need to focus on and in which order.

In addition to that, adding the priority column means you lose any other status column that you use for the my work view since it replaces the other existing status column in your view. → Like the progress status column (eg: open, working on it, done, stuck/on hold etc.). Me and my team need to be able to see both, at the same time, in one view.

If Monday is reading this: please just enable the option to drag items in a specific order and we would be able to both sort items in a priority order and see the status of that specific item.

If anyone else has this same issue/request: here is what I do now as a workaround - I use the date column for that. So in a specific week I can assign the dates to each ticket, which will automatically sort the items in the order for that week. Only works for up to 7 items though and it’s still not ideal.


Hi everybody, I feel your pain (all of your comments mirror exactly why I don’t use My Work in Monday - it is too simplistic. No customising columns, no real sort or filtering, no automations etc).
But I can offer a solution. One that works really well for me.

My approach is this; I have a Tasks Board and every single Task assigned to every single user lives in that Board.

Some of my Tasks are connected to (and usually created automatically from) a High Level Projects Board that contains multiple Jobs or Leads.

Some of my Tasks are connected to Low Level (ie single project) Projects Boards that are more complex and unique and need to have their own Groups and Board Structure. With these single project Boards, I don’t auto create a matching Task in the Tasks Board until I am ready to set a due date for the Task.

In order to keep the number of Items in the Tasks Board under control I archive done and cancelled Tasks regularly. But the other option if you need to track/report on them still would be to just move them to an “Inactive tasks” board.

Having all my Tasks visible in one Board keeps my Tasks “un-siloed” - and isn’t that what Monday is all about?
If any of you want to know more, I’m happy to whip up a video or even a course showing you how to set this up in your own account. Just say the word. Patrick

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I also need this feature and the “solution” of adding a priority column to My Work doesn’t solve this issue because it doesn’t SORT a person’s My Work list based on that priority.

What I (and it seems other people here) need is the ability to make My Work more functional as a holistic task list, to be able to sort the list of tasks in some sort of logical order to work through rather than having a huge list for the day that’s all over the place in terms of status and priority.