Show Priority on My Work

I use My Work to look at all my task across all boards, If I have several tasks to work on it would help me to be able to see the priority of the task to decide what task to work on first. Right now, I have to read all tasks and open them to determine what I am going to work on.

Hey Jazmin!

For this, I would suggest using a Dashboard where you pull in all of your boards and use a Table Widget with a filter applied for status or date so you can see what is most urgent.

When you refer to priority, are you assigning status labels for this to the items or organizing by date?

We should have the ability to move/drag-n-drop task around on my work to create the priority for the day. seems like an easy feature to implement. we can already do this on the project boards

Absolutely! This is critical for us as well. We use priorities (a status field) and Estimated Time (a number field, to track how long projects should take so we can optimize workload), and I can’t see these in My Work, which makes “My Work” pretty useless for our team. Hope this gets read!

Hi Jazmin, thanks for the response. Can you please point us to some more direction on this.
Following your suggestion I have created a new Dashboard and adjusted the filter (to show my items) but nothing is populating.

I am in a team with items in multiple Boards so I would like to consolidate all items into 1 view, and sort by priority etc.