Prioritizing Actionable/Assigned Tasks - Visible in Notifications

Hi! We are using Monday for a lot of different use cases. Does anyone know if there is a way to help members prioritize their work in order of importance? Our example is we have a 24/7 hotline where all calls are handled ASAP. How do we get our members to be notified specifically to address these board items before other board tasks that they may be assigned? Feedback and workaround workflow ideas welcomed and appreciated!!

Hi @CBrush - how are you compiling all you tasks today? Are they on different boards or compiled onto a single board? Having this information will certainly help with the best possible solution. If your tasks are across multiple boards, a dashboard with a table view sorted by a Priority status would be the best way. Even better, if your tasks are contained to a single board, reporting in this way with various views sorted by priority would be quite easy to implement.

Let me know and I’d be happy to advise.


Hi @mark.anley - we have many boards for different functions, both internal operations and on-site program specific tasks. This one board’s task must be priority over other boards/tasks - requiring urgent actions. As far a priority, they are all considered high priority, so I am afraid that will not help.

I think it is something that we will need to lean heavily on behavior (go to this board first) and to your suggestion, creating different views/filters on that board.

I’ll get these pieces into place and follow back. Thanks so much for responding!!

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