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Hi All,
So basically i have a board with All projects (architecture projects) for an overview: location, budget, status, etc… Now what i want is to further develop each project individually in its own board, lets say Item “43. CF - Casa na Foz”. So now i want to specify the 4 phases we use for each project: Early development - Licensing - Construction drawings - Construction. Each of this groups will have items (tasks) that need to be done, example: Board 43. CF Casa na Foz, Item 2 “Licensing” i will need to apply for a permit, lets say, so this item will have a HIGH priority. Now the 3rd thing i want is a board to serve as a TO-DO list from all the ohases of all the projects i created, and sort them by priority, so this board picks up some item from “12. Casa DR” Board, lets say, another item from other board, and lay them out as a priority list to take care of. How do i set that ideally? Thanks

I would use mirror and linked boards to add specific updates to your overview board (All Projects).
I would then Link the To -Do board and Casa na Foz board so that the to do items appear on the Casa na Foz board.
on the To-Do board I would create an automation with a notification for the person assigned that when this task is created, it needs urgent attention.

There are step by step videos on linking boards in the tutorials that works great.

But what i want is the opposite… i want the “Casa da foz” items that are the tasks in need to make on that proejct appear on my “to do” Board. And then i want to expand that thought to other projects and set the “to-do” board by priority. But the thing is I want that the item keeps the same name/description when it shows up on my “to-do” board (imported from casa fa doz project and others), but apparently you cant link ITMES, only boards and columns.

Like this: imagine i have projects 43, 12 and 57, one board each. I want to map (export) all this tasks from each project in a “To-do” list sorted by priority, because if i have 100 projects (boards), i cannot go through each one of them to see what i have to do for every single one.

I just found the “My work” TAB. It kinda gives me something similar to what i look for… but i would like to make several of those, Customized by different parameters

For this:
#1 create 1 To-Do list for all tasks
#2 mirror boards to the to do board so when an item is creates it is linked and mirrored to the To-Do board
#3 name each item the name of the original project
#4 create a status column with the different tasks to be done instead of using the item names to differentiate them Ex. an open group and a complete group. all items under the these groups on the To-Do board will have the same name, for the board they origiated from (Casa da foz). have the status column indicate what the task is that is needed. Include the columns that already exist as well.
#5 set an automation for notifications. You have a list of certain tasks that are high priority, I would create a notification for that task. Ex. When a status column changes to ___ (Permit Required) is, send notification/ email to ______ (whatever person needs that task notification). OR you could do, When the status of an item is changed to high priority send a notification/ email to ____

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I believe notifications when something is marked high priority will help you a lot, you can also set a notification for when an item is assigned to you, to send a notification.

But this makes me replicate ALL the existing items on the To-Do board, right? which is a lot of work that is already done that has to be basically “copied”. imagine i have 100 projects, i will have to re-write the tasks of every project in the “to-Do” board? And if i create a new project, i gotta keep adding the items again also in the “to-do” board? that seems counter-productive

so what you are sugegsting is that the tasks, which are items in the original Boards, become linked columns, did i get it right?

If you link the boards and mirror the tasks, when a subitem on your overview board is created than am item (a task in this case) will be added to the To-Do board. Mirroring these items means when you make changes as you progress through the steps on your To-Do board the changes should mirror back to the overview board.
I dont have any boards working this way at the moment to send screen shots, but I have set this exact system up for someone doing even planning. The main even was an overview and the tasks were all linked to a To-Do page where people could be assigned to the tasks, notes and messages could be passed by the team as well as detailed info like invoices and vendor contact info can be stored.

thank you for all your help. Its hard to set it up just by reading text, cause at some point you get confused with all the concepts, but ill give it a try. thank you again